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To think it takes a lot longer than 2 mins to clean your teeth properly?

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Tobythecat Sun 11-Feb-18 10:57:08

It takes me a good 5 minutes to thoroughly clean my teeth - who the fuck said it takes 2 minutes? I clean all along the gum line, the spaces between, especially the harder to reach ones at the back and the molars. If I only spent 2 minutes my teeth wouldn't be properly cleaned.

Am I doing it wrong and being to thorough? I wish it didn't take so long. I floss daily too and brush my tongue.

theymademejoin Sun 11-Feb-18 11:11:41

I was at the dentist this week. He commented on what a good job I'm doing in maintaining my teeth. I take a maximum of 1 minute to wash them. I do use an electric toothbrush though.

AnotherPlaceAnotherTime Sun 11-Feb-18 12:11:47

Nah, for me two minutes with an electric toothbrush is fine. I’m mid 30s and have no fillings or gum disease. I was at the dentist last week and they said my cleaning was excellent.

MuseumOfCurry Sun 11-Feb-18 12:13:49

Where's your tongue brushing in this routine, electric toothbrushers?

I spend 5.

OuchLegoHurts Sun 11-Feb-18 12:19:05

I spend around a minute. Didn't go to dentist for 17 years and when I did go he said my teeth were great (I lied and told him I went 3 years ago!) I have white teeth but I honestly believe a lot of it comes down to the type of teeth you have. My friend goes every 6 months for a clean and check up and needs work done quite regularly.

Steaksauce Sun 11-Feb-18 12:19:10

I brush for 2 mins twice a day with an electric toothbrush. My teeth are fine and I'm in my mid thirties. My dentist told me that flossing every other day is fine as it can cause damage doing it daily. He also said not to swill out after brushing as leaving the toothpaste in there means all the good stuff in the toothpaste stays on your teeth longer.

OuchLegoHurts Sun 11-Feb-18 12:19:37

Now in fairness, I should say I spend a minute but clean three times a day

humpbackwhalestail Sun 11-Feb-18 12:20:22

Mine feel horrible if I just brush for two minutes. I’d say about five, too.

DNAwrangler Sun 11-Feb-18 12:27:21

I hope tongue brushing is a joke...

stickytoffeevodka Sun 11-Feb-18 12:31:33

I do about two minutes twice a day - I use mouthwash but don't floss.

Never had any issues with my teeth.

gamerchick Sun 11-Feb-18 12:34:38

Well I don’t brush for 5 but if you include flossing and those little fiddly brushes that get in awkward places then it’s more than that for me.

If you add in the mouthwash half an hour later or before then it’s more than that.

MuseumOfCurry Sun 11-Feb-18 12:36:11

I hope tongue brushing is a joke...

In what sense? confused

Huggybear16 Sun 11-Feb-18 12:36:54

Same here! The timer on my electric toothbrush goes off way before I'm done.

TheHulksPurplePants Sun 11-Feb-18 12:38:02

I get in trouble with my dentist for even doing 2 minutes twice a day because he says I brush too hard! I've had one cavity in 37 years but the enamel on my front two teeth is wearing off.

Singinghollybob Sun 11-Feb-18 12:39:13

Why DNAwrangler?
I usually spend 2 mins with an electric brush 2-3 times a day. Brush tongue and roof of mouth as well

Rememberallball Sun 11-Feb-18 12:39:49

1 minute tops using electric toothbrush - and not necessarily every day (never twice!). Don’t use floss or mouthwash.

Dentist always happy with condition of my teeth whenever I go (which is when I have an issue to be dealt with)

Fundays12 Sun 11-Feb-18 12:40:34

I brush for about three minutes with an electric toothbrush

acornsandnuts Sun 11-Feb-18 12:40:51

Depends if it’s an electric brush or manual. Mr dentist and recommends three minutes or the length of a Justin beiber song to DD in her last visit.

areyoubeingserviced Sun 11-Feb-18 12:42:20

Don’t people brush their tongues?
The back of the tongue contains a lot of bacteria

womaninatightspot Sun 11-Feb-18 12:42:30

I spend about two minutes brushing. I've taken up water flossing after seeing it on here and it's revolutionised my teeth cleaning. Really feel much cleaner and it lasts longer so mouth feels less fuzzy come morning. Used to use interdental brushes and they took ages though.

amusedbush Sun 11-Feb-18 12:45:26

I can't brush my tongue as it makes me vomit. I have a very sensitive gag reflex and brushing my teeth makes me retch most mornings so the tongue is a no-go. I've tried but I end up heaving with my eyes streaming.

wonkylegs Sun 11-Feb-18 12:46:01

1 min with electric toothbrush and gentle head
Dentist is happy with my technique and the immaculate condition of my teeth and gums - I've always had to take care because one of my medications can cause bleeding gums and ulcers so have regular check ups but I think I'm lucky to have good teeth.

Cherrycokewinning Sun 11-Feb-18 12:51:58

We have an app that sinks with our electric toothbrushes and monitors how long it takes to clean the whole
Mouth. It’s usually about 2mins 20, but nowhere near 5mins

Cherrycokewinning Sun 11-Feb-18 13:02:20

Syncs not sinks, lol

duckingfisaster Sun 11-Feb-18 13:06:45

Spend a minute, possibly 2 maximum twice a day - brush teeth and tongue (don't get the 'tongue is a joke question!?). I am 47, have no fillings or gum disease and perfectly white teeth with no plaque build up, dentist always tells me I take good care. Five minutes would do my head in - always in a rush in the morning and always tired last thing at night!

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