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Momma Mia

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SleepingStandingUp Sun 11-Feb-18 02:26:04

Watched the live show musical today, was brilliant bit it got me thinking of their ages.

Daughter is 20, actress was 23 at the time, all fine.
Mother was seemingly young when she had her. There's talk of shame at going home pregnant, meeting one of them whilst he was on a 6th firm trip etc. Certainly the inference is she was younger than her daughter now.

So that would make her 40, at the oldest. Yet ask the cast of parents / her friends are well over 50. Meryl Streep was 59, the other two ladies 58 and 56. The Dads were similar ages. Colin Firth was the youngest at 48. The stage show went for similar ages.

Even if we assume she was 50 note, that made her 30 when she had her daughter which puts a different light on the story.

Its possible I need more sleep /to get out more

dorolee Sun 11-Feb-18 02:38:32

Couldn't the shame just be that she wasn't married? (And she came from a catholic family)

I never picked up on it implying that Donna was particularly young when she had Sophie.

KC225 Sun 11-Feb-18 04:07:27

How funny I watched the film tonight for the first time as it was on here in Sweden. I also found myself thinking - come on, when was this set? I think older members, were all too old to be quibbling about a 20 year old. I think it would have better had they set it in a particular time. Say 1983, she would have been born 1963

Peirce Brosnan singing made me feel queasy.

HappenedForAReisling Sun 11-Feb-18 05:19:09

Pierce Brosnan's singing is awful. He's lovely to look at but shouldn't be singing.

My friend's DD is in the live show. It's nice to hear that it's good.

RockNRollNerd Sun 11-Feb-18 07:19:22

The stage show cast for Donna and co. are all in their 40s I think rather than their 50s/pushing 60. So it fits a bit better with Donna being relatively young when she had Sophie as she’d have been early 20s.

Skarossinkplunger Sun 11-Feb-18 08:09:03

Cher plays Sophie’s grandmother in the new film!

KC225 Sun 11-Feb-18 09:57:26

I remember reading that Meryl Streep saw the show and loved and she went back stage met the cast and said she was determined to play Donna in the film. Makes sense that they would cast the men around her.

And Cher playing a grandmother who cast out her pregnant daughter confused

SleepingStandingUp Sun 11-Feb-18 11:12:10

HappenedForAReisling if its the one that was in Wolverhampton yesterday it was awesome. We were at the matinee and everyone was on their feet for the closing sequence.

Yeah I gathered stage ones were younger that Meryl Streep and co but would still say late 40's

raisedbyguineapigs Sun 11-Feb-18 11:16:28

In the new film, Lily James is playing a pregnant Donna. She's 28, so they're probably casting the new film to match the film ages. But yes, I didnt think of that. It doesnt make much sense that she would be cast out at 30 something. Surely she would nt really care that much!

SleepingStandingUp Sun 11-Feb-18 11:17:38

Ans the inference of one of the guys following her back from his 6th form school trip gets weird haha

SleepingStandingUp Sun 11-Feb-18 11:18:32

Lily James can look younger though so they can definitely push her as still uni age

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