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To not understand 'bottle propping'?

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stellenbosch Sat 10-Feb-18 21:32:59

Been in the media a lot lately. I don't get it. Why would you do this? It takes about five minutes to give your baby a bottle and it's such a nurturing bonding experience... not to mention the danger, wind, etc!

FrozenMargarita17 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:33:50

It used to take my baby an hour to have a bottle but wouldn't ever have dreamed of propping it for fear of choking!!

brownelephant Sat 10-Feb-18 21:36:21

I don't get it either.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sat 10-Feb-18 21:38:05

Yes i was confused why there needed to be guidelines against it when 1- how’s it even possible, and 2- Who would think of doing such a thing...sadly someone did.

Marnie182 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:38:17

Another one who doesn't get it either

Sparklingbrook Sat 10-Feb-18 21:38:28

I have seen it in babies in prams.

flumpybear Sat 10-Feb-18 21:38:44

I've seen people do this and it's basically shit and lazy ..... as well as dangerous!!! I'd never heard of it within my first baby and with my second baby it just gave me
Shivers ...... hideous, dangerous and ignorant parents!

FenellaMaxwellsPony Sat 10-Feb-18 21:38:56

I’ve never even heard of it - how is that a thing?!

stellenbosch Sat 10-Feb-18 21:39:27

I had a friend once who propped her baby in the sofa with a cushion!! Wtaf?

SofiaAmes Sat 10-Feb-18 21:40:04

Wow. Do you really believe that everyone's babies are the same and that everyone has the same amount of spare time that you do? And are you really that sure that everyone who does things differently are worthy of condemnation? I really don't understand how anyone can be so unaware of the diversity of humans.

PurpleRobe Sat 10-Feb-18 21:41:23

What exActly is it?

ljlkk Sat 10-Feb-18 21:41:27

My cousin had twins. I've seen pics of them with bottle propped. I guess that means mom stayed within a few feet, but propped, yes.

BuckysRoboticArm Sat 10-Feb-18 21:41:38

As soon as I read that awful and sad story in the news today I wondered how long it would take for this very thread to appear on Aibu. 🙄


Sparklingbrook Sat 10-Feb-18 21:41:43

I don't believe every single feed to be a nuturing, bonding experience TBF, but propping a bottle is unwise.

They do sell special clips IIRC that attach to the pram and hold the bottle.

DownWentTheFlag Sat 10-Feb-18 21:42:14

I hadn’t heard of any sort of “message” to warn against the dangers of doing this. Hopefully this issue gets a lot of publicity and will prevent further tragedy.

InToMyHeart Sat 10-Feb-18 21:42:22


Pretty reasonable to condemn it!

Sparklingbrook Sat 10-Feb-18 21:42:32

Oh no, has there been a news story? sad

<goes off to look>

Crocusqueen Sat 10-Feb-18 21:43:06

I breastfed so I don't grasp the logistics of it myself, but I've seen loads of people do this, granted not when their children are newborns, but from maybe a few months, or whatever age they are when they can sort of hold their head up and grasp the bottle, but not lift it? If that makes sense

happymummy12345 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:43:13

I've seen it a few times. Don't understand why anyone would do it

stellenbosch Sat 10-Feb-18 21:43:32

If if takes longer that's EVEN more reason to stay

(Five minutes was an example, more likely ten to twenty, but STiILL?!)

FenellaMaxwellsPony Sat 10-Feb-18 21:44:54

Christ I just read the article - that poor child. So much more than just the bottle wrong there. sad

megletthesecond Sat 10-Feb-18 21:47:09

Yanbu. It's pretty much the only thing I get hmm about these days. I see it quite often in my town.

Crocusqueen Sat 10-Feb-18 21:47:29

Just read the article, christ, something was going to happen to that baby regardless really.... Actually with two non accidental leg fractures, it already had

Heratnumber7 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:49:36

* I had a friend once who propped her baby in the sofa with a cushion!! Wtaf?*

What's wrong with that?

lougle Sat 10-Feb-18 21:52:38

You can actually buy pillows designed for it sad

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