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Nanny State

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Monicagellarrr Sat 10-Feb-18 01:37:01

Is anyone of my opinion? I'm sick of it!!!

Monicagellarrr Sat 10-Feb-18 01:55:57


InToMyHeart Sat 10-Feb-18 02:05:47

Fancy elaborating on your opinion a little?

CrispyWanton Sat 10-Feb-18 02:07:29

Please elaborate...

ShackUp Sat 10-Feb-18 02:34:54

You didn't express an opinion, you just said 'nanny state' confused

WashingMatilda Sat 10-Feb-18 02:35:59

U ok hun

Monicagellarrr Sat 10-Feb-18 02:38:01

Scotland... named person
England/UK permission to read cyber interactions if required

WashingMatilda Sat 10-Feb-18 02:39:51

Do you have a maximum word count or something?

Monicagellarrr Sat 10-Feb-18 02:40:43

I'm just fed up. My son was assaulted by his taxi driver and nothing is being done!!
Nanny State?
I'm sorry

I'll delete these stupid posts

Storminateapot Sat 10-Feb-18 02:47:20

You'll have to ask for that to be done. I'm sorry, you're obviously having a bad day but you aren't making much sense, so it's hard to know how to respond to you.

Monicagellarrr Sat 10-Feb-18 02:50:09

My point is the UK is a Nanny State.
Everything is recorded, be it cameras or following on fb etc.

I thought it was just Scotland

Birdsgottafly Sat 10-Feb-18 03:00:54

It isn't a nanny State, it is a safe society.

We have a good chance of tracking a child abduction, catching a violent/rapist/murderer etc because of CCTV.

There are criminals that would have never been caught if it wasn't for CCTV.

Because there is surveillance, some of it watched, it has made many areas safer. There has been a drop in road rage and arsehole behavior since dash cams etc.

InToMyHeart Sat 10-Feb-18 03:02:11

I'm sorry that your son was attacked but what has that got to do with the Nanny State? And if everything is being recorded then surely your son's attack was filmed as well which should back him up and improve the chance of something being done.

What made you think that Scotland was different from the UK? You know Scotland is part of the UK, right?

steff13 Sat 10-Feb-18 03:09:34

If everything is recorded, shouldn't that bolster your son's case for assault and for the police to do something?

Hoffstadher Sat 10-Feb-18 03:12:06


The UK is a Nanny State but I have no idea what you are saying

lesDeuxAlps Sat 10-Feb-18 03:33:47

I think you mean surveillance state. Yes it is but I don't think that's a bad thing.

A nanny state is when they want to control everything you say, do and think. Like Corbyn!

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