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To ask how you use Mumsnet?

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springchickenn Fri 09-Feb-18 22:04:33

I'm a relative noob here and can't quite get into the groove of how to use it. I spend my time refreshing "active" (now that I've read all 1.5k thread pages in relationships :D) Is that how it's meant to be done?
Can you give me a quick rundown of how you typically navigate your MN session?

As an aside... Why do people give each other the biscuit icon? I take it -it means like "you taking the biscuit mate?"

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 09-Feb-18 22:07:47

biscuit means "no comment". There's a story about it, but I wasn't there.

I just keep checking threads I'm on, then, if that's a bit slow, I'll look in Active.

InDubiousBattle Fri 09-Feb-18 22:10:52

I go to 'I'm on' and 'active'. I dip in and out throughout the day/evening when my dc need me in the room but I'm not actually allowed to play whatever they're playing!

springchickenn Fri 09-Feb-18 22:17:29

Ah, I guess I need to post more - I've only got 4 threads in "I'm on". Thanks re: the jammy dodger icon lol

lucylouuu Fri 09-Feb-18 22:24:58

i refresh active, if something's interesting i click " watch " and bookmark where i was so then later on i go into my " watching " bit and it's saved my place on where i was earlier!

InDubiousBattle Fri 09-Feb-18 22:27:15

I post on practically every thread I open blush!

springchickenn Fri 09-Feb-18 22:31:09

ahhh that's what bookmarking means omg blush that's a good idea thanks lucylouuu And, lol InDubious I type out a response and then think I'm chatting tripe and don't post it! People would probably give me a jammy dodger if I did grin

lucylouuu Fri 09-Feb-18 22:32:46

I only figured it out the other week, saves scrolling through for ages!

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