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What random self-serving "rules" do you get away with? (Light hearted)

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Blankiefan Fri 09-Feb-18 19:20:46

Am sitting mumsnetting whilst DH and 4yo DD play snakes and ladders. She is a nightmare with it - throws the dice across the room on every throw, cheats, takes a lifetime to do her shot... I hate it. However
.. "mummy doesn't play snakes & ladders" has somehow been accepted as a rule.

I've no idea how I've gotten away with it but it makes me grin

What do you get away with?

chanie44 Fri 09-Feb-18 19:32:09

I don't do anything to do with technology. So tablets, television and computer console is Their Dads domain, even though I probably know more than he does.

Queenofthedrivensnow Fri 09-Feb-18 19:32:53

I have 'we don't talk about poo and wee' my kids totally accept it!

RefuseTheLies Fri 09-Feb-18 19:34:55

I put The Chase on every night at 5pm and tell my toddler I’m watching mummy’s programme and to play quietly for a while. She seems to have accepted this. I don’t even like The Chase that much but I fucking love having an hour of being left the fuck alone.

SpoonfulOfJam Fri 09-Feb-18 19:38:25

Wrestling. Loved it when DS1 was tiny, but he's 4 now, and DS2 is a toddler so they are really rough. They can't control themselves and leap on me any time I'm at floor level. But now I say"that's a daddy game" and they back off. Took time, but it works.

UsedtobeFeckless Fri 09-Feb-18 19:50:58

No one is allowed to interact with me during The News Quiz or Cabin Pressure unless the house is actually on fire.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Fri 09-Feb-18 19:53:33

I get all the black fruit pastilles and jelly babys

Lariflete Fri 09-Feb-18 19:57:20

It's Mummy TV every day for an hour during the school holidays. I eat my lunch in peace and watch Home & Away and Neighbours blush

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 09-Feb-18 20:06:15

I get all the frozen raspberries and cherries because that’s the only treat food I have. It isn’t

If daddy is working late, you have to go to bed at 6.45 not 7 because it takes longer to do teeth if daddy isn’t here.-- It doesn’t --

Every time someone moans about their dinner I get a point, and if I get 100 points I win an amazing prize.

Urubu Fri 09-Feb-18 20:06:23

The TV doesn't work in the morning.
Mummy doesn't share her candy.

ruleshelpcontrolthefun Fri 09-Feb-18 20:08:15

Only Daddy can change batteries in noisy toys.

bettydraper31 Fri 09-Feb-18 20:10:06

Nothing on TV starts before 9am and it all finishes at 5pm. But she’s only 2, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

Mercedes519 Fri 09-Feb-18 20:11:39

That I only carry stuff if the kids are turtled. I know i’ll end up carrying it anyway so it’s a small recompense

HeyMicky Fri 09-Feb-18 20:13:56

I don't read Dr Seuss

I leverage a "Mummy Tax" on any sweets or crisps that requires me to help open the packet

lalalalyra Fri 09-Feb-18 20:14:36

Hungry Hippos is a children-only game.

Also we don't do singing in cars. But that's only because when she was young DD1 would randomly from fucking nowhere burst out into lung-burstingly loud singing and it frequently gave me the fright of my life. I was genuinely worried about her doing it in the car.

SteelyPip Fri 09-Feb-18 20:17:47

I get away with an "Un-birthday" in addition to my proper Birthday.

Liskee Fri 09-Feb-18 20:20:47

@thenewaveragebear1983 I am so stealing the moaning about dinner points idea! I would LOVE a big prize smile

Actually I’m stealing a number of these ideas!!

Lettucepray Fri 09-Feb-18 20:21:05

The peppa pigs are all MINE !!

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Fri 09-Feb-18 20:23:27

Mummy is not a climbing frame.
You're too heavy for me to carry now.

Giggorata Fri 09-Feb-18 20:26:48

No one is to speak/phone during Dr Who

AmiU Fri 09-Feb-18 20:28:51

The TV cannot turn on before 4.

If Mummy has a cup of coffee in her hand, it's time out and you must wait till it's finished to ask for anything

Hookedoncatnip Fri 09-Feb-18 20:32:08

@thenewaveragebear1983 grin I am so adopting the I get one point for every complaint about dinner rule! Genius!

icelolly99 Fri 09-Feb-18 20:33:01

HeyMicky I'm with you on the Mummy Tax thing grin

Flomy Fri 09-Feb-18 20:35:06

If I switch on to a certain t.v channel your headmaster can see into the lounge. So behave.

Hookedoncatnip Fri 09-Feb-18 20:35:07

This thread is great. I've been missing many tricks.

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