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Why do people behave so aggressively...

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Treacletoots Fri 09-Feb-18 19:14:13

When they're driving? Just this morning I was driving to work. There's a long queue going in the opposite direction so a car a way ahead of me decides to turn around... In doing so however she starts to reverse into the middle of my lane, seemingly not noticing or caring to look. So I pipped her. Not aggressively, just a double toot, 'look behind you, I'm here'. She stops and I think nothing else of it.

Until 5 minutes later at the lights ahead I glanced in my rear view mirror and there she is angrily mouthing and waving her hands at me. Slightly shocked and bemused I didn't really know what to do but it did make me question, why do people get so worked up when people say or do anything to them they don't like? Did she expect me to slam my brakes on in the middle of a 40 road. Was it so offensive to be tooted a warning not to reverse into me?

Stefoscope Fri 09-Feb-18 21:37:35

Some people really do turn into impatient nobs when they get behind the wheel. I'm sure she realised she was in wrong and felt embarassed, so figured she'd try to make you feel bad from the safety of her little metal box.

This morning I was driving down a road where 2 lanes merge into one, so basically everyone one has to shift right on a shortish stretch of road. I let the car in front of me move over. Checked my rear view, all clear, so signal to move over straight away, only to see the car behind me put his foot down and decide to race me to it. He then made a point of moving back to the left lane and speeding off to over take me. All because I had the audacity to drive to the speed limit and use my indicators.

I did see a taxi driver get his comeuppence earlier this week. He tried to push his way through traffic in a blatently not big enough gap, to make a u-turn. There was quite an impressive amount of damage to the front of his car. It amazes me how little care some people give to driving, given the potential drivers have to injury or even kill someone. Not to mention how expensive cars are to buy and maintain.

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