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Husband's question....really?? AIBU?

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beckieperk Fri 09-Feb-18 18:12:34

DH just asked if i ironed 0-3 babygrows. Then looked really shocked when i said no. He said his mum would!!!
I keep reminding him he didn't marry his mum....especially when hes ill (thats a different story!!) AIBU to be flabbergasted by the question in the first place.....then the response just topped it off.
Does anyone actually iron babygrows??? Is it just me??

thecatsthecats Fri 09-Feb-18 18:14:20

I don't iron anything.

LadySainsburySeal Fri 09-Feb-18 18:14:34

Baby grows don't need ironing. Nor do most things people allegedly iron!

MikeUniformMike Fri 09-Feb-18 18:14:47

Can't he iron them if he's so concerned?

KingscoteStaff Fri 09-Feb-18 18:14:57

'No, of course not. Do you, dear?'

teaiseverything Fri 09-Feb-18 18:14:59

God for his mother.

YADNBU. They're going to be puked on/pooped on within a couple of hours!

Dfg15 Fri 09-Feb-18 18:15:02

Nope would never iron them. In fact i barely iron anything - if it needs ironing it doesnt get worn tell him to do it himself if he's that bothered

GummyGoddess Fri 09-Feb-18 18:15:04

No, because baby stretches them out and you can't see the creases! He's more than welcome to pick up the iron if he's that concerned.

Saltandsauce Fri 09-Feb-18 18:15:16

Tell him he is quite capable of ironing the baby grows, then he can be just like his Mum!!
I never ironed them unless they were going for a sleepover at someone else’s house haha.
I only iron what everyone is wearing that day, I can’t stand the thought of spending hours ironing clothes fresh out the dryer or off the washing line!

teaiseverything Fri 09-Feb-18 18:15:25

Good not God. Although it seems like he thinks his mother is god grin

NoNoCharlieRascal Fri 09-Feb-18 18:15:33

I do. And socks, and pants, and tea towels.

Nah, I'm fucking with ya! grin

I have an ironing board and iron, but I don't think it's been unpacked from when we moved...19 months a go.

YesitsJacqueline Fri 09-Feb-18 18:16:20

My mum irons everything even tea towels and baby socks. She is nuts. I think it's a generational thing.
I iron hardly anything

Tentomidnight Fri 09-Feb-18 18:16:31

Hahahahaha, hilarious!! I hope you just looked at him with a face like this --> hmm

Klarabing Fri 09-Feb-18 18:16:43

The only thing I iron is my dd's Hama beads x

Whocansay Fri 09-Feb-18 18:16:47

Tell him where the iron is.

How ridiculous. I could get through several a day when mine were small. I didn't have the time for ironing, and could not have cared less about it.

Giraffesarequitetall Fri 09-Feb-18 18:16:47

That is ridiculous, why on earth would you iron them?

Daddystepdaddy Fri 09-Feb-18 18:17:00

You could suggest he irons then if he is that bothered. I do all the ironing in our house btw.

HildaZelda Fri 09-Feb-18 18:17:49

I don't iron anything. My mothers irons EVERYTHING. Towels, underwear, even fucking dusters!

Mybabystolemysanity Fri 09-Feb-18 18:17:49

I did DD's before we went to hospital to have her (when I had time for faffing like that). Never again though!

PiggyGoesToMarket Fri 09-Feb-18 18:18:07

I did 😳, only up to 3mo though then realised you can’t actually see any creases when on...

MIL is horrified that I don’t iron towels, sheets, underwear etc. DM is horrified I iron anything 😂

LanaKanesTerfyVagina Fri 09-Feb-18 18:18:38

I don't even own a fucking iron.

And my reply to that would have been a string of fuck yous before asking why, if it's so important to him, that he can't do it him fucking self.

Does he think irons are operated by vagina??

finnmcool Fri 09-Feb-18 18:18:55

I don't understand why he asked the question in the first place.
Fwiw, I never ironed baby grows.

beckieperk Fri 09-Feb-18 18:19:46

Thank god its not just me....he's laughing about it now. I just held one up and said "which part of this would the iron fit on?" He pointed to the big ish bit of material on the i swiped him round the head with it!! Think he got the picture. His mum is very much like that.....she loves ironing! I find that weird behaviour....

HuskyMcClusky Fri 09-Feb-18 18:19:52

I can’t even imagine what that would achieve.

Lules Fri 09-Feb-18 18:20:19

Even my mum who irons everything doesn’t iron babygros. I imagine they’re quite a hard shape to iron. As you can tell, I’ve never tried.

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