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To feel so bored of everyone

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1wokeuplikethis Fri 09-Feb-18 10:40:30

I've noticed I feel increasingly bored and frustrated with the people I know. My closest friends are mothers of young children (like me) and our conversations centre on them; naps, reflux, night time routine, tantrums, everything child related and to me, it is so intensely vapid. I try my best to steer conversation elsewhere as I am sick of talking about this snoresome minutiae. I am a sahm and that's what I do all day, I don't want to talk about it constantly too.

I have a friend who always has the worst week, the shittest couple of days, the worst time etc and is consistently late for meeting up and rubbish at organising anything with me. She also pushes MLM stuff and does my tits in.

There's a woman in my social circle who has nothing but negative things to say. I have heard her bitch about so many people, not a nice word comes out of her mouth and I can't stand her.

I've had a few nights out recently on which I have really wanted to let my hair down and have a great laugh and they've ended up so dull and disappointing because the conversation is dry as a sandbox. I feel like I need new people.

To put into context, my best friend passed away last year and I really miss her. She was so interesting and funny and I've never met or known anybody like her. She opened my eyes to so much and was a complete breath of fresh air. I feel like I'll never know anyone like her again.

I do sports and I socialise and have opportunity to meet new people, I just feel so disappointed when they turn out to be dull. I'm not trying to replace my best friend because that's impossible, I just wish more people would lighten up and want to have a laugh, it all seems like doom and gloom moaning, bitching and gossip and I'm getting frustrated. I'm not saying I'm the life and soul of the party but I prefer to use social opportunities to have a giggle rather than offload all my miserable thoughts and feelings.

I really like my husband (lucky that!) and my family and they always make me laugh. Should I just stay in with them and give up on friendships?

CheeseyToast Fri 09-Feb-18 10:44:06

I think you're grieving. You must miss your friend very much and feel frustrated at not having her around.

I so sympathise. I've had a series of bereavements and although I do have lovely friends, they're not always the ones I want. I want people back from the dead 😔

LouJDawe Fri 09-Feb-18 10:55:53

This thread made me feel so sad that you lost such a special friend. Perhaps have a break from your friends and spend time with your family who sound lovely, I don't do many friendships for this reason and much prefer my time with my partner and children x

Confused2018 Fri 09-Feb-18 11:02:44

Reading your post resonated with me so much! Though thankfully not the bereavement part, I’m sorry for your loss OP. flowers

I too would love to make more ‘fun’ friends that want to go out and let their hair down occasionally and actually have FUN and LAUGH, a lot!

I am actually going out tomorrow night for drinks with two of my child free friends who are normally fun to be fair! If you’re near me you’re welcome to join us grin

1wokeuplikethis Fri 09-Feb-18 11:15:52

Aw confused, thank you 😊
I am grieving for my friend, it wasn't that long ago and right to the end she was laughing and interesting and a meaningful, fascinating woman. In a way her death has made me feel like I want to do everything that before I would think I can't be bothered to; go on the nights out, do challenging physical things because my body can and it works, see a lighter side of life because death is seriously awful and sad and it comes to us all. I suppose enjoy the time that we have, feel grateful we are here and make others happy.

But it's left a sour taste in my mouth that others are so bored/fed up/gloomy and in no hurry to not be. Happy to stay in that miserable place. I don't want to be like that but you can't have a party on your own.
The friend I mentioned above who has the worst time all of the time was also very close to our friend who died. And I want to shake her and say what are you talking about?

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