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Anxiety affecting work performance

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ILoveMrDarcy Fri 09-Feb-18 10:38:02

This is probably more of a what would you do...

Through most of last year I suffered with anxiety and depression. This came to a head in October and since then I've been feeling so much better and more in control of my emotions.

I fully accept it impacted my performance at work. I was metaphorically shutting myself away, not being responsive, generally apathetic and unhappy. But HR did nothing to support me. They have even made life more difficult for me. They are insisting that my boss completes a performance improvement plan for me, even though I know things have significantly improved since October.

Our salary increases are allocated based on our performance appraisal. My appraisal mentioned only how I had not performed effectively last year, not the reasons behind it. Our salary increases are based on performance review. So I will get the minimum.

I cannot work out if any of this is unfair. It feels like it is and I feel like I'm being treated unfairly based on something that was out of my control?

MojoMoon Fri 09-Feb-18 10:45:27

From a manager's perspective:

You say you know things have improved since October but your manager can't be sure that is the case. A clear performance monitoring plan with sensible targets is not a bad thing. You can achieve them and rebuild your manager's confidence in you and your abilities.

What support do you think HR should have given you? Were you being treated by a doctor and if so had they recommended anything be changed?

As to salary - you did underperform at work. I'm not sure seeing only a basic increase is that unreasonable. If you had been absent most of the year after an accident, as a manager I wouldn't be giving you any more than the basic rise either - you've not achieved anything to justify it. That's not discrimination - you are still getting the standard rise, just nothing on top.

ILoveMrDarcy Fri 09-Feb-18 11:19:00

@MojoMoon Thank you for your message, it's really helpful.

snash12 Fri 09-Feb-18 13:48:54

Do they know that you were suffering with anxiety and depression? Also did you see your Dr or a counsellor?

I had severe depression in 2013 and after a bit of time off, my employer were very accommodating where I did a gradual return to work.

I don't think a performance review is fair when you've been suffering in the last year. Clear goals and improvements, yes but not a review of performance.

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