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To go back to college when I've got two just under 1

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Gigimoll Thu 08-Feb-18 21:37:58

The job I'm in is shit. They've discriminated me for being pregnant. Underpaid me for months and I've nearly lost my home due to it. Lost my mat b1 an due to the underpayments Its going to be difficult for me to qualify for SMP and forced me to cancel my GTT and then told me to book it for my day off (which i couldn't) and made me take the day off for the appointment unpaid.
Anyway, my dp has been recently let go from his job due to his boss not being able to afford to keep staff on. We're in a bad situation and really struggling. Our ds is due next month and we need to do something.
I've read he can go on a course for free so I'm badging him to get a trade to provide good money for our children. He wants it ideally so I can be a SAHM which I want too. I'd love nothing more to spend the most informative years with my babies. But anyway, apparently because we're now temporarily on benefits I can do a course for free? Especially as I'm 21.
I want to go into floristry. I always have done and it can be good money. But is it unreasonable to do while I still can?
My mom is alone 90% of the time so if dp gets a job, she will be looking after dc whilst I go to learn. Is that unreasonable? Should I spend the first year at home with ds?

IlikemyTeahot Thu 08-Feb-18 21:46:46

If you have the opportunity and (free?) childcare go for it...honestly the baby won't remember, you might feel guilty but this will be more convenient now than trying to juggle school runs and childcare when they're older.

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