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Trouser suit for girls

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FredaNerkk Thu 08-Feb-18 21:05:22

Children’s clothing is so limited; and exceedingly gendered! AIBU?

Here’s my conundrum -- DD6 is a bit of a tomboy and really likes the look of boys’ page boy suits (ie blazer, tie, shirt, trousers, waistcoat). She currently has a shirt, waistcoat and tie (hand-me-down from DSS), which she wears as often as she can at home, and special occasions.
She desperately wants to extend the outfit with a trouser suit (ie trousers with matching jacket/blazer). There are loads of such options for little boys. And loads of trouser suits for women. What about little girls? (She can’t wear boys trousers as they are too baggy in front, and buying separate trousers and blazer is not a good match)).

I hope you are going to tell me I’m BU, and point me towards websites with affordable girls suits (like this but for girls:,mon_3.4/4160020634 or )

eastwest1234 Thu 08-Feb-18 21:07:19

Angelina Jodie's daughter....Shiloh? Seems to rock the androgynous look. I'm not sure how to replicate it though. Perhaps, if you have any cash to spare, you could get a couple of pairs of trousers made?

Scentofwater Thu 08-Feb-18 21:09:17


But could you buy a boys set and alter them to fit?

frostedfields Thu 08-Feb-18 21:10:03

Would you maybe be able to mix and match colours with jackets and trousers? E.g. A grey blazer and black trousers...Might be a bit easier to find?

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