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AIBU to think this fracture isn't set right?

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MycatsaPirate Thu 08-Feb-18 20:45:07

Shamelessly posting here for traffic for one of my friends.

Her son (13) broke his arm two weeks ago. It was x-rayed and he had surgery to manipulate it into place. Last Friday her mum took her DS back into the fracture clinic and the arm was x-rayed again. Arm was not plastered again and the original cast was left on.

The cast is crumbling and she rang today to enquire about it and was told to take him in tomorrow to get the cast supported but they won't replace it.

However, she's concerned about the last x-ray as it's showing the bones at different angles and not meeting.

Are there any medical folk on here who can have a look please?

MycatsaPirate Thu 08-Feb-18 21:04:15


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