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AIBU to think this is a little irresponsible?

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duskmum Thu 08-Feb-18 20:01:36

I went to see my friend today she just moved into a new flat. We are both single parents. She has no family here and her child's dad isn't in their life as he was a danger to them and abusive.

She was dating this guy for 3/4 months and he messed her around so split. Anyway she told me today he came over last week and brought round 3 bottles of wine and a bottle of tequila. She said they drank all the wine and some of the tequila. I said oh you must have felt I'll the next day. She said she was throwing up that night and was so so drunk. She said oh my DD was in bed so it's fine. Her DD is 6. I feel like it's a little irresponsible of her to get so drunk whilst looking after her DD. I get she Doesnt get to let her hair down too often but with a guy she barely knows in her flat and getting that drunk too. What do other people think??

Snowydaysarehere Thu 08-Feb-18 20:04:54

Would be more worried about the bloke than the drinking. Could you offer to babysit occasionally so she can go out? Maybe she can return the favour?
I personally never drink around my dc but it's her choice and unfortunately not really your business.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Thu 08-Feb-18 20:04:58

YANBU. She would have been little use in an emergency, and it could've been very scary for the daughter if she woke up and saw her mum that drunk.

duskmum Thu 08-Feb-18 23:09:27

It is her choice but just concerning that she would get that drunk while look after her DD. I know shes in bed but there could be an emergency, or leaving her child vunerable to strangers. I could but she never told me about this guy coming over

duskmum Fri 09-Feb-18 11:27:20

Does anyone think I should say something?

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Fri 09-Feb-18 11:29:09

As a one off no I don’t think you should say something. If it becomes habit then yes, but a person dependent on alcohol is unlikely to make any drastic changes on your say so.

Wellfuckmeinbothears Fri 09-Feb-18 11:30:15

Yes it is irresponsible but I don't know that its your place to say anything.

Is it a one off or does she have form for this?

duskmum Fri 09-Feb-18 11:34:00

Well she has form for getting very drunk when visiting this guy. Her ex friend complained and said how she always wants to drink. So I have a feeling this is not a one off. She invited me round next week to drink the tequila. I said maybe but I was thinking 1 or 2 glasses of wine, not to get wasted!!

Peachyfizz Mon 12-Feb-18 08:24:57

I've just received a picture from her last night saying I've finished painting and it's 2 bottles of red wine and the tequila. I feel sorry for her DD

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