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To be so scared of the dentist

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GreasyHairDoNotCare Thu 08-Feb-18 19:54:38

Posted in general Heath but no one has answered

I have a crippling fear of the dentist. I am okay with the intimate checkup it's just treatment involving pain. I went to the dentist when I was around 6 months pregnant (DS is now 6 months) and ended up needing 5 fillings. They really really hurt. I was shaking. I needed to go back after baby was born to have the fillings changed to permanent ones but I am terrified. I know that I will need more work done and I am terrified of the pain. I really don't cope with it well. Any advice would be appreciated.

needmysleep75 Thu 08-Feb-18 20:02:32

I'm with you with this and I have an appointment tomorrow for a filling, already stressing about it. I found telling my dentist how nervous I was really helped, she has been great and given me a little extra numbing. Do they know how nervous you are? Do you think the dentist was the issue and another one could be better?

Shen0102 Thu 08-Feb-18 20:09:11

you can ask to get your teeth treatment done under sedation instead of might have to wait 2 or more weeks for the treatment though depending how busy your area is. This can't be done if you're pregnant though and you have to take someone with you as you'll be delirious lol

thewooster Thu 08-Feb-18 20:11:48

I used to be scared and still don't enjoy a visit to the dentist. I changed my dentist 3 years ago and have had a dental implant, 1 filling and 3 crowns with this new one. He talks me through everything he is doing and I can honestly say he has not hurt me.

I recommend finding a new dentist - ask around and get friends to tell you where they go and if they can recommend one.

Tapandgo Thu 08-Feb-18 20:37:26

Yes = detest the idea of going and would dread getting treatment. I have to,d my dentist of my fear.
I go twice a year for clean and polish, but will only let him use the water jet cleaner. The idea of metal scraping my teeth is terrifying. I’d need knocking out if I needed treatment.

Mailawaymailawaymailaway Thu 08-Feb-18 20:43:20

Due to relocating several times, I've been through a lot of dentists. Some are awful, some are brilliant. If you're scared of the dentist, you need a new dentist.

I had one recently who actually made me cry because of his lack of people skills. However, I trust my current dentist implicitly. He can't be long out of dental school, so not the most experienced dentist I've ever had, but I like the way he thinks, he's very polite, and he makes sure I understand and consent to everything he does. Gosh, he really is lovely - there should be more dentists like him!

Keep looking for a dentist - do ask for personal recommendations from family, friends and colleagues in your local area.

GreasyHairDoNotCare Thu 08-Feb-18 20:53:45

The problem is my dentist is lovely. She is very calm and talks you through everything. I am just terrified of pain (although somehow managed to give birth on just gas and air with a 24 hour labour grin)

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