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Too many pictures!

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Readytopop12 Thu 08-Feb-18 16:49:33

I may sound old fashioned by saying this, but does anyone else get frustrated with the need to photograph every little thing?? I've fallen into the trap! I'm trying to put together a baby album for my DD (who is now 2, hangs head in shame) and I have an album with 100 spaces. I probably have upwards of 500 pictures to choose from and that's just her first year, without any christening photos (in a separate album) or anything from first birthday onwards (also another album).

It's lovely to have these memories but this strikes me as slightly ridiculous! Admittedly she is my first baby, and I've taken less photos as she's got older but even so! I haven't even got loads of professional prints that seem so popular now. Is it bad to make a resolution to take LESS photos with DC2??!

Is this just me?!

mistermagpie Thu 08-Feb-18 20:58:21

I'm terrible, I've got two kids (both very young) and a cat and am on maternity leave - I take at least one picture of each of them every day! If we do something exciting then it can be 20 photos. It's like an addiction.

I'm actually worse with DS2 than I was with DS1 because I have a better camera in my phone. I get it's a bit weird and obsessive maybe, but it takes half a second to take a photo and it's not hurting anyone, so it's not a big problem really.

I am NC with my parents and barely saw them for about 15 years before that, I do not possess a single photo of myself as a child or baby. I would love to see just one. I'm not stupid enough not to make the connection between this and my incessant photographing of my children.

fannythrobbing Fri 09-Feb-18 09:48:32

Same as pp NC with my parents so have very few pics of me and my siblings as kids (though actually they didn't actually take many pics)
I think that's why I take so many! I don't post them on social media or anything but I like to have the pics so she can see them when she's older

WorraLiberty Fri 09-Feb-18 09:51:19

Nothing wrong with too many pictures, OP.

Mind you, I wouldn't be saying that if you were a FB friend, spamming my newsfeed grin

I think I've become more familiar with some people's kids, than my own.

Handsfull13 Fri 09-Feb-18 10:07:57

I've taken loads of baby pictures of my twins but it has reduced now they are more mobile. I think you take pictures when you aren't doing much but laying there but once they get going you any grab a photo or two because your so busy interacting with them.
I think it's a problem if you aren't enjoying your child and first thought when they do something is 'I must take a photo of that'.

parklives Fri 09-Feb-18 10:38:12

Nothing wrong with having loads of photos.
I bet most of them aren't good enough to print out though? It will be pretty easy to whittle out the rubbish ones and only put the good ones in the album?

mistermagpie Fri 09-Feb-18 13:07:03

I should say, mine don't go on social media, they are just for me!

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