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BrightBurn Thu 08-Feb-18 12:40:47

Sorry posting for traffic.

My insurance is due for renewal soon so I need to start looking for quotes.

I had an accident a few months ago where I reversed into another car. I gave the person my details and informed my insurance but didn't claim as damage was minimal. Now when looking at quotes it's asking if I've had any accidents which I answer yes, it the wants to know how much the claim was. Thing is the person I hit hasn't or their insurers haven't been in touch with my insurance. So I have no idea how much the claim would be as there hasn't been one!

Any advice on what to do? Someone also mentioned that as I have an open claim with my insurers, I won't be able to leave them come the renewal date? Surely this can't be right?

Somerford Thu 08-Feb-18 12:52:37

Report the accident to your current insurer, they will have to contact you anyway when they receive a claim from the third party so you may as well get that out of the way now and leave them to deal with it. When you report the claim, ask them how much they "reserve" for third party damages and use that as your claim figure for the time being because you don't know the actual figure. You are allowed to leave your current insurer for a new one regardless of the claim.

You will probably have a few people telling you not to disclose the accident to your new insurer if you go elsewhere. There is a possibility that the third party hasn't made a claim if the damage was minimal but it is fraudulent to withhold that information in order to get a cheaper quote and your new insurer can take action to remedy it if that information comes to light further down the line, including cancelling your policy which makes it difficult to get insurance elsewhere. I wouldn't risk it personally.

specialsubject Thu 08-Feb-18 12:58:37

Op HAS reported it.

Ring current insurer and ask for the info.

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