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To think I'll never sleep properly again

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c4bbage Thu 08-Feb-18 00:32:02

My boyfriend had a seizure for the first time on Tuesday at 5:30am. It woke me up and it's the scariest thing I've ever seen, shaking viciously and I had to turn him on his side because it sounded like he was choking on his saliva. It lasted maybe 3 minutes and I called 999, after the seizure stopped I couldn't wake him up. I honestly thought I was going to lose him. He roused eventually when the paramedics arrived. I'm just so anxious it's going to happen again, I'm currently lying in bed next to him while he's asleep and I'm so scared. Nothing like this has happened to him before and he took Champix (the tablets that help you stop smoking) the day before for the first time so they think that could have caused it but there's no way to be sure until he's seen by Neurology for investigation. I also have an 11 week baby so I'm dealing with all of this at the same time. I spoke to my GP and my HV is coming to see me on Wednesday. If anyone has been through similar please give me advice on how to be able to sleep properly again afterwards. I'm so on edge

NoqontroI Thu 08-Feb-18 00:36:06

Could he get an epilepsy mat to sleep on, it would set off an alarm if it happens again. At least until the investigations are finished and you know what's what. It might help you sleep and not lie awake panicking.

Chifi Thu 08-Feb-18 00:39:47

You must have gotten a terrible fright. Champix are known to cause seizures in some people for definite.

Hope you get some sleep. Not easy with a new baby too. flowers

c4bbage Thu 08-Feb-18 00:40:20

I don't think that would help because I'm a light sleeper anyway with having baby. It's just the thought of seeing it happen again it's scaring me so much. What if I can't move him in to a safe position etc. I'm trying not to talk about it with him because he's worried enough about it as it is. I want him to feel confident that I'm here and for him not to have to worry.

Chifi Thu 08-Feb-18 01:22:13

I remember the first time I saw a loved one having a seizure I was so shaken. I ended up lashing into my stash of xanax. It got easier after a while. Hopefully your DP just had a single one due to the medication.

In the mean time could you just tell him you're a bit nervous and put your mattress on the floor until he gets the all clear?

KnitFastDieWarm Thu 08-Feb-18 01:39:36

Oh it’s terrifying the first time! DH has sleep related epilepsy (although no seizures for a few years now thankfully) and being jolted awake by one the first time was Fucking Horrible sad
It does get less scary if it happens again, I promise!

KnitFastDieWarm Thu 08-Feb-18 01:41:35

Oh forgot to add - probsbly staying the obvious here but you mustn’t cosleep with baby and your DP in same bed, just in case. (And I say that as someone who would have coslept otherwise - but it’s just not worth the risk)

c4bbage Thu 08-Feb-18 06:00:15

Oh yes I wouldn't co sleep! And I really hope it gets easier. I managed to sleep a little bit. He's planning on going back to work today so I'm going to go over to my mums and she's going to watch baby while I have a nap

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