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AIBU or do I suffer from anxiety

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gg1234 Wed 07-Feb-18 22:09:46

I really want to know how do mums feel about stay at home with kids.i have single one and I can't do one thing with focus with my son at home .either the rice in the bucket will get full of toys or the whole wall will get scribbled at once .I know mums who happily stay at home and are quite in control with the super tantrums .but I get anxious and feel deserted quite often .Do I suffer from anxiety .AIBU to think so

lastnamefirstfirstnamelast Wed 07-Feb-18 22:15:15

This post doesnt make sense? From what i can gather you need to get out more, amd come up with more interaction with your child? You need to keep busy. Too much time over thinking can lead to feeling anxious and you'll start worrying about silly things.

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