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To want a holiday with wifi

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notanaturalmum Mon 05-Feb-18 22:09:16

Just about to book a holiday with me, DH and baby (who'll be 1 when we go)

It's not cheap but we've had a tough year adjusting to parent life and I'll cry if we have to forgo another year without going abroad

We've opted for a lodge because there is a separate lounge - meaning that we won't have to sit in the dark once the baby has gone to bed. --
I've discovered the lodges don't have wifi. I think this might be a dealbreaker.

Not because I'm an avid facebooker but just simple things like being able to watch nursery rhymes on you tube, or watching films on the iPad once the baby is asleep. We do like chess and scrabble etc but I think 14 nights of no wifi will be hard.

On the other hand, if we move to the main hotel block then we'll just have one room meaning we'll have to sit in the dark or on the balcony once the baby is asleep.

Am I being silly. I love my DH to death but I need wifi. Do I ?

TheSnowFairy Mon 05-Feb-18 22:10:38

Yes, for 2 weeks.

A night or two would be different.

starrysights Mon 05-Feb-18 22:11:52

If it’s europe you can use your data as normal

Nectarines Mon 05-Feb-18 22:12:47

A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about forgoing wifi. But now I have two toddlers. I agree it’s worthwhile.

GabsAlot Mon 05-Feb-18 22:14:52

2 weeks is a long time

where abouts is it

BrownTurkey Mon 05-Feb-18 22:16:53

Buy data if there is signal

notanaturalmum Mon 05-Feb-18 22:21:57

It's Greece. I've just checked the EE website and I think we can buy a bulk data plan.
Maybe we download films/Mr Tumble before we go.
I'm having heart palpitations just thinking about it.
DH isn't bothered but I don't think he realises how much he pisses around on his phone each night.

Teeniemiff Mon 05-Feb-18 22:26:43

We went to Spain a couple years ago when our daughter was 2, nearly 3. We didn’t have WiFi in the room but was just 1 week & we packed cards & also a portable DVD player. They cocked up the rooms so we ended up in a studio, quite big so we were able to sit on the sofa whilst our daughter slept. We took pushchair & after dinner we would walk along the front & have a few drinks. She would fall asleep about 9 in the pushchair so some nights if she was happy we could still be out lateish so no WiFi wasn’t an issue on that occasion. When we go in England we also take portable dvd but we have some data we can use.

Teeniemiff Mon 05-Feb-18 22:27:59

It was actually really nice not being able to use phones all the time. We had WiFi in certain places- like by the pool & in some restaurants we went in.

WineAndTiramisu Mon 05-Feb-18 22:29:31

Download stuff before you go, podcasts, books to a Kindle/phone, films etc?

DoublyTroubly Mon 05-Feb-18 22:32:43

There’s an iPlayer app where you can download bbc programs before you leave - it’s called iPlayer Kids. It’s handy as normal iPlayer won’t work abroad (and useful for flight etc)

parklives Mon 05-Feb-18 23:03:28

I've done it for 2 weeks a few times, but it decreases the enjoyment of time away from home if I have to go without WiFi. Can you change the booking easily?

emmyrose2000 Wed 07-Feb-18 02:35:32

When I'm looking for a hotel there are two criteria it must meet for me to even consider staying there. Anything else is a bonus.

1. Must be 100% smoke free (absolutely non negotiable).
2. Must have free wifi.

When I'm overseas for 4-6 weeks at a time (or any time for that matter) it's essential I have a reliable internet connection in the hotel room.

I don't understand why baby being asleep would necessitate the adults sitting in the dark or on the balcony. Maybe my DC are odd, but we just went about our business as usual when the kids went to sleep (lights on, TV on, etc). So if it came down to a choice between a single room with wifi, or a larger set up without wifi, the single room would win hands down.

computationalAspects Wed 07-Feb-18 03:32:18

You can put films onto your devices before you go. You can use data abroad.

I have a collection of PAYG Sim cards for this reason and use an old phone for tethering when necessary.

I understand why adults might want wifi. Does a >1 year old need an ipad full of nursery rhymes though? Are you the family who sits at a table in silence with a device per adult and one for the baby too?

EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 07-Feb-18 03:44:37

My dc are now older teens. When they were little there was no WiFi and we survived. When the kids were in bed we drank wine and talked to each other.

Last year we went on holiday to Cuba where WiFi is non existent in most places. We really didn't mis it much except to do things like check the weather forecast. It was refreshing to just switch off in the evening, read books and chat to each other.

I think it's easy to forget how recent Wifi is and how dependent we've become on it in a very short space of time.

BusyBeez99 Wed 07-Feb-18 06:03:44

Can't you manage without TV for two weeks? We never watch TV on holiday - we are in the pool, in the bar after dinner, playing cards as a family. Even when DS was that age he didn't NEED to watch nursery rhymes

Pack a couple of books and enjoy family time without the distraction of a TV or iPad

CrabappleBiscuit Wed 07-Feb-18 06:17:15

I’d download stuff before you go, we downloaded a series from Netflix we wanted to watch, Use WiFi in the lobby.

Data abroad isn’t. Quite the sane as at home so check your data caps.

loveka Wed 07-Feb-18 06:22:48

My plan works perfectly in Greece, I use data as normal.

I assume you can't find somewhere else, you have booked?

You can download though? Using the hotel wifi?

I love Greece! My favourite place.

pasturesgreen Wed 07-Feb-18 06:26:47

You're going to Greece and planning to spend your evenings in watching films on the iPad? Ok then confused

Plenty of alternative options, as PP mentioned. I'm with Emma here, there used to be life before wifi, it's just that we seem to forget about it at times.

Mrsjellybum Wed 07-Feb-18 06:29:32

But a travel game board.
Download the devices with episodes of props pig little baby bum and some films. Take an ebook for films.
I'd prefer the lodge than hotel and would forgo the WiFi

There are always data plans and deals just check before you use

ApacheEchidna Wed 07-Feb-18 06:33:36

Advice to use your mobile data is making a big assumption that you will have decent mobile signal. I have WiFi on my list on non-negotiables for any holiday.

My others are that DC must be in a separate room, DH&I must be in a king size bed, and if we are self catering there must be a dishwasher.

I certainly wouldn't opt to be in one room in the hotel for the sake of WiFi if that meant giving up the separate room for DC. But if it were me I would be looking for a different resort where the family accommodation did have WiFi.

exLtEveDallas Wed 07-Feb-18 06:36:15

Are you intending to keep your 1 year old in a bedtime routine when you go? Maybe rethink that. Let the child sleep in their buggy and enjoy some late evenings, especially if there is entertainment at the hotel.

speakout Wed 07-Feb-18 06:43:11

I would embrace the break from Wifi OP.

I went to Greece last year- no wifi.
It was lovely.

What did people do before wifi?

They coped, they even had fun.

bimbobaggins Wed 07-Feb-18 06:49:29

Was just good to say the same as dallas
We use to go out for dinner and afterwards our ds would fall asleep in his buggy allowing us to stay out later. If we had to be back at the hotel stuck in with a sleeping baby then I would rather not have went the holiday

GnotherGnu Wed 07-Feb-18 06:51:29

You're going to Greece and planning to spend your evenings in watching films on the iPad? Ok then

Did you notice the bit about children, pasturesgreen? Or do you think OP and her husband should leave them in bed whilst they go out sampling the local nightlife?

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