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To ask for advice on where to buy a dress

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Imnotposhjustquaint Mon 05-Feb-18 14:58:18

I’m posting for traffic.

I’ve got a wedding coming up next month and need a dress.

I’m a size 18-20, 5’6 but seem to carry a lot of weight on my belly, I also hate my arms!

I dread occasions like this as I always think I look hideous whatever I wear.

Has anyone got any advice on what sort of thing to go for or any shops/websites etc.

Haven’t got a huge budget for the dress, definitely would prefer something under £50.

Notevilstepmother Mon 05-Feb-18 15:23:42

How about

with something like this to cover arms and make it a bit more wedding like (you might be able to get a cheaper one somewhere)

Notevilstepmother Mon 05-Feb-18 15:24:24

I think the dress is a good shape becuase it gives a waist and hides the tummy.

DrPill Mon 05-Feb-18 15:27:42

I wore this to a wedding last spring. It was very pretty and flattering.

Amazon dress

bridgetreilly Mon 05-Feb-18 15:28:48

Some very pretty dresses in your budget in the Seasalt sale:

bridgetreilly Mon 05-Feb-18 15:29:56

This is available in 18 or 20 and would be lovely dressed up for a wedding, imo:

Lucywithout Mon 05-Feb-18 15:32:55

Bonmarche seems to cater for the well covered lady or House of Fraser sale online. I got beautiful dress there last summer. High quality well reduced.

FooFighter99 Mon 05-Feb-18 15:33:10

I recently wore this to my brothers wedding, I'm 6ft and a size 28/30 and even I felt fantastic wearing it!!

I got loads of compliments and the cape part of the dress hid my massive belly and flabby arms really well :-)

Yours have some beautiful dresses and they're not too expensivesmile

Good luck dress hunting OP

FooFighter99 Mon 05-Feb-18 15:34:39

Picture didn't post hmm

Notevilstepmother Mon 05-Feb-18 15:52:02

That’s lovely foo. Some people are funny about wearing black to a wedding but maybe not so much these days?

Imnotposhjustquaint Mon 05-Feb-18 16:15:22

Thank you all so much for your suggestions! They’re all so lovely!

Rebeccaslicker Mon 05-Feb-18 16:20:04

Scarlett & Jo do lots of plus sized dresses in different styles, some plain, some super glam:

Whatshallidonowpeople Mon 05-Feb-18 16:22:24

The 1st one is hideous and will not be flattering at all, the 2nd looks like dressing gown, none on the 3rd link are wedding appropriate. If you are only going to the evening then the long black one is ok, but not for the day. I'll have a look later and see what I can find

kaytee87 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:24:18

Have you tried simply be?

PlainPiglet Mon 05-Feb-18 16:27:17

How about Marks new range - some under £50:

kaytee87 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:28:05,size:,size:

kaytee87 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:30:24,size:

kaytee87 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:32:13

^ that's lovely from @PlainPiglet link

KC225 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:49:49

Have a look on eBay at the Boden dresses. They are generous sizes, wedding appropriate and you can pick up a bargain.

possumgoddess Mon 05-Feb-18 17:28:05

I definitely recommend Joanie clothing. They do bigger sizes and some fab dresses including occasion dresses. I don't have a link but it should be easy enough to find, and you can get some real bargains.

TitaniasCloset Mon 05-Feb-18 17:32:24

Seamstress of Bloomsbury does some items up to a size 18

Other than that Simply Be is usually good.

Blackteadrinker77 Mon 05-Feb-18 17:35:23

Book a personal shopper hour at Debenhams. You can book online give them your budget in advance. They'll have ones ready to try and help you.

Imnotposhjustquaint Mon 05-Feb-18 22:23:13

Thank you all for your suggestions, have had a good look at them all, just didn’t think they’d hide my enormous belly all that well so have gone for something a little less conventional (for a wedding that is).

I thought that anything below the knee would just shorten my legs even more (apart from maxi dresses - unfortunately I don’t suit these either sad)

My next question - I have a pair of black ankle boots, would these go with this dress?

TitaniasCloset Mon 05-Feb-18 22:30:02

I think ankle boots would be nice, perhaps not very weddingy but practical and comfortable. You won't know till you try it on though and take a few selfies.

AdidasGirl Mon 05-Feb-18 22:33:43

Have a look on Joanie or Lindy Bop.
Lovely dresses for all shapes and sizes.
And they always have discounts and sales on.

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