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To take a blanket to the cinema?

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hidinginthenightgarden Sat 03-Feb-18 20:06:46

Our local cinema is always cold. Always!
I went with DS today and thought about it before hand so put on a vest top underneath a fleece-lined shirt and jeans. I was still shivering and made DS sit on my knee for the last half hour so I could share his body heat grin. A lady on the same row kept her coat on throughout the whole film.
Are all cinemas cold or just our local one?
Would you complain or just take a blanket next time? Would you judge me if you saw me with one?
Its very hard to enjoy the film when you are shivering!

DSHathawaysLover Sat 03-Feb-18 20:10:13

I love this idea! Wish I had the guts to do it. Maybe a pillow too...

iamyourequal Sat 03-Feb-18 20:11:00

Ours is always really cold too.
I wear warm clothes and also wear a long wool coat, which I them put over me like a blanket once seated. I would n't think anything bad seeing someone with a blanket. Far more annoying things happen at the cinema!

LolitaLempicka Sat 03-Feb-18 20:11:29

I always do. I love a big fluffy blanket on those recliner seats. I also take loads of food and occasionally wine. My kids hate me.

NewYearNiki Sat 03-Feb-18 20:11:44

I use my coat as a blanket

Daffydil Sat 03-Feb-18 20:11:58

Maybe a big pashmina so it's not so obvious? grin

Myddognearlyatethedeliveryman Sat 03-Feb-18 20:12:05

When I was a teenager our local cinema had all night sessions. Film after film!! We used to take sleeping bags!

GetShitDone Sat 03-Feb-18 20:12:08

Gosh, that's not great. Our local cinema temperature depends on how many people are in. If it's quiet it's usually fine, if it's busy though it gets way too hot.

DrMadelineMaxwell Sat 03-Feb-18 20:13:16

I have done this. I find that sitting still makes my legs cold at the best of times. In the theatre and the cinema I end up with my coat over my legs, but gave in last time and took a snuggly blanket/throw thing instead.

I am on the lookout for a dark coloured cheap one to keep in the car for such trips now.

hidinginthenightgarden Sat 03-Feb-18 20:14:02

I definitely have the balls for it when I am paying so much to watch the crappy film.

Hellywelly10 Sat 03-Feb-18 20:14:09

I would be jealous if i saw you with a blanket. Go for it!

Snacktimonious Sat 03-Feb-18 20:14:39

Our local cinema is always freezing. I went last week and took a hot water bottle under a baggy jumper. Next time I'll take a blanket as well. And don't care who sees me. Thanks for the tip.

hidinginthenightgarden Sat 03-Feb-18 20:14:52

Lolita you must be a VIP grin

Nocabbageinmyeye Sat 03-Feb-18 20:15:00

We went to the drive in cinema recently, I packed my slippers, pillow and fleecy blanket - it was heaven, I said I was going to sneak them next time we go back to the regular cinema, not sure I'll take the pillow and slippers though, blanket definitely

NurseButtercup Sat 03-Feb-18 20:15:52

Speak to the staff they should be able to turn the heating up/air conditioning down.

ZeroFuchsGiven Sat 03-Feb-18 20:15:52

I don't know about a blanket but I was having terrible period pain last time I went and took a hot water bottle down the front of my jeans grin

hidinginthenightgarden Sat 03-Feb-18 20:16:26

I may complain too. Unless there is a good reason they have them at sub zero temperatures? slight exaggeration
It isn't on to be paying so much to be sat shivering.

SadieHH Sat 03-Feb-18 20:17:35

Swap. Ours is hotter than the sun.

IridescentUnicornshit Sat 03-Feb-18 20:22:21

I might suggest one of those woollen poncho things or really big knitted scarf if you’re not brave enough for a blanket

hidinginthenightgarden Sat 03-Feb-18 20:22:33

I would happily swap SadieHH!

RadioGaGoo Sat 03-Feb-18 20:24:10

I take a blanket and buy a hot chocolate from the Costa consession. Maximum comfort.

SwearyG Sat 03-Feb-18 20:26:17

I used to wear a big pashmina type scarf to wrap myself up in, but our cinema then started providing blankets and footrests. It's something that really should be rolled out nationwide.

Confuzzlediddled Sat 03-Feb-18 20:29:09

I went to a free showing with my dd at our local cinema on the shopping centres Xmas launch, we were given slippers and a massive fluffy blanket, as well as Prosecco and popcorn, easily my best cinema experience ever, even if the film was the polar express...

parklives Sat 03-Feb-18 20:32:32

I have been known to take a hot water bottle to my local 'posh' cinema as they blast out the air-con even in winter (the hwb is hidden in a handbag on the way in, together with my sweeties from home.

NotSureThisIsWhatIWant Sat 03-Feb-18 20:35:07

My friend did it. Fluffy blanket with bears printed on and big enough to cover the two of us.

We have done it for concerts at the cathedral too (albeit without the bears)

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