Advanced search want to report some people for claiming falsely too much child tax and working tax credits?

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collision Mon 30-Apr-07 10:34:02

they drive me mad and i hate the fact that they have actually told me they are scamming the CTC and WTC people.

He earns a fortune in computers and she is a SAHM and pregnant with her 4th.

They are not married and have claimed that she is working a few hours a week with fulltime childcare paid for as his PA. They have given a different address for him so it looks like she is a tenant in his house.

So CTC and WTC think she is struggling to get by on a few hours a week, forking out on nurseries and she will get the full whack of money....over £900 per month.

She drives a 4x4 EVIL Lexus and is always showing off bout the holidays they have and their 6 bedroom house blah blah blah and I think I am going to grass them up.

What do you think?

daisy1999 Mon 30-Apr-07 10:36:48

do it!

pucca Mon 30-Apr-07 10:38:08


Yes do it.

collision Mon 30-Apr-07 10:40:19

YEAH I WILL <she shouted excitedly>

but how?

joash Mon 30-Apr-07 10:42:05

Not sure how it is possible to scam this as the credits are worked out based on taxable earnings. So even if they are getting away with it now - they will get a big bill after the end of the financial year. I knew someone who was getting "the full whack" and had about £50,000 a year coming in. They were stumped when they received a large bill for overpayment and the place that deals with this expects it to be paid back within a few months - with few, if any, exceptions.

daisy1999 Mon 30-Apr-07 10:42:23

I'm sure there are some confidential lines to tell on benefit cheats or just call tax credits direct and say you don't want to give your name.

Fillyjonk Mon 30-Apr-07 10:42:53

ok let me get this straight

they are claiming that

she is working a few hours a week

they are not living together-or they are but she is his tenant


the kids are both of theirs?

ok this situation doesn't add up

the few hours a week won't make a MASSIVE difference, the big thing here will be a. the no of kids she has and b. the fact that she claims to be a tennant

the tenancy thing...its a while since i did this but for wtc/ctc am not sure it actually makes a huge difference anyway. if he's the father some maintenance will be expected, and while there is extra money in tax credits for single parents, there also is for couples, and its the same amount, so it all evens out.

I don't think you're getting the full story, tbh. some people do bizarely like to show off about scamming the revenue, feck knows WHY.

collision Mon 30-Apr-07 10:43:27

but Joash if they dont know about him and his earnings how does that work?

Fillyjonk Mon 30-Apr-07 10:43:28

oh and joash is absolutely right

unless he is not paying tax, which is then another issue

singingmum Mon 30-Apr-07 10:43:57

They have an annonymus cheat line I believe.Number should be in phone book.
My dp works 30hours a week low paid job and we have to have tax credits to survive.It pees me off to hear of this kind of thing

expatinscotland Mon 30-Apr-07 10:44:29

Grass her.

We got fucked over by tax credits for a mistake THEY made, and yet people like this take the mick whilst others suffer for it.

Fillyjonk Mon 30-Apr-07 10:45:20

god I HATE those lines

over 90% of cases reported are >£10 a week IIRC.

and mainly its single mothers who've got a bit confused.

its also a nice easy way for malicious exes to get back at people, that happens a LOT (and MILs too)

hebetalbot Mon 30-Apr-07 10:45:21

This makes me so . Of course you should report them. We get the minimum help with tax credits and no help with our childcare - we aren't rich but neither are we poor; we can only just make the sums up. WFTC is for people who really need it. Shop them today.

newlifenewname Mon 30-Apr-07 10:45:29

'tis stealing innit, so think you are entirely reasonable in grassing them up.

However, if I should ever get any more desperate and decide to fiddle my claim so that we can actually SURVIVE I hope there wouldn't be somebody waiting to inform on me so I'm being a hypocrit.

My bottom line belief is that most people dependent on government handouts are struggling in some way and that it is all a pile of poo.

Trying to live any kind of vaguely enjoyable life on the amount the government says one needs to live on is impossible. One's children would not have Birthday presents or take presents to their friends' parties, we wouldn't buy Pimms as a treat in the summer, go on even the cheapest of holidays or buy the £6 flip flops from Asda that I did just buy and will now regret.

At Christmas, on DLA one gets a £10 bonus. Would that pay for the Turkey? I think not.

collision Mon 30-Apr-07 10:45:33

you might be right fillyjonk.

It just annoys me when she is driving round in a 'it cost me $40,000' blardy Lexus bragging that they are cheating they system!!

I did wonder how you could trick them!!

newlifenewname Mon 30-Apr-07 10:46:08


collision Mon 30-Apr-07 10:47:36

oh! thought you were calling me a hypocrite then and realised it was a typo!!

megandsoph Mon 30-Apr-07 10:48:19

I think you can still call the national benefit fraud hot line 0800 854 440 and explain its to do with tax credits instead of the other ones. On the DWP site there is a form to fill if you would rather do it that way.

Ulysees Mon 30-Apr-07 10:48:45

yes I would.

burstingbug Mon 30-Apr-07 10:48:48

Do it I can't stand people like this!
We were over paid last year (05/06) not our fault though as DH's wages vary each month. We had our credits dramatically reduced 06/07 to compansate this which meant we've really struggled the past year. I've an awful feeling we'll be paying them back again this time.

expatinscotland Mon 30-Apr-07 10:50:20

Two people have been convicted for tax credit fraud here last year. One even went to jail because the amount paid out was a lot.

Both were instances of couples who were living as partners, but one person was claiming to be a lone parent.

Well, that gives all honest lone parents in difficult situations a bad name.

collision Mon 30-Apr-07 11:10:20

im gonna do it.

Thinking about it they are doing something dodgy because the DH was v cagey with my DH about his line of business and being in touch with his employers.

I am sure he is dodging taxes!

IcingOnTheCake Mon 30-Apr-07 11:16:28

I would do it. Even if you don't have the full story you know that somehow they ARE scamming the system. Think while they are enjoying the money they are given,there is some poor mother who is stuggling to get by.

saltire Mon 30-Apr-07 11:17:12

I reported someone once. It's a long story. She owed me over £1,000 in childminding money. She owed the local childcare centre over £500. She was a single parent in the military. She was also getting the maximum amount of tax creidts to cover her childcare - which she certainly wasn't using to pay me or the daycare centre.. I reported her, and I would do it again.

However, I do agree that there are some geunuine mistkes made by people claiming, and by Tax Credits people. One couple I CM for haven't had any of their childcare elment paid for 6 weeks. They have had their p[hone cut off because they have had to use the money they get paid with to pay me, instead of it being subsidised by TC. The tax credits people just keep telling them to call back tomorrow, or we will send you a cheque.

twobabies Mon 30-Apr-07 11:24:01

Do it do it do it. It makes me sick the amount of income the gov says a family can live on, but most of us who have to, do. So why should some people think they are above it and steal off everybody bloody else. It makes a huge diff if she is saying her husband doesn't live with her because it's based on household income for the year, if they are not counting his income then she's getting much more than she should be.

I have had so much trouble with the benefits people recently there was a massive overpayment due to their mistakes so they have just decided not to pay the part of the rent that they usually do this month. Even though they told me they were going to take it back at £9 at week. The day before my rent was due they just decided to change their mind. I know this is totally off topic but I am mad mad mad with them and people cheating the system and also included in my wrath!!!!!!

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