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To think this is another CF

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Lizzie48 Fri 02-Feb-18 16:25:58

I came back with my DDs after an after school activity to where my car was parked, and found that the wing mirror had been hit (despite the fact that the wing mirrors fold when the car is locked) and there was a scratch along the side of the car. I was parked completely legally by the side of our 'village green' (we're in a city suburb really), not outside anyone's house, right by the kerb. No issues at all.

This man approach us and told me that he'd knocked my wing mirror, he'd written a note. I wasn't too pleased, understandably. He got narked, saying he didn't have to tell me. hmm

Now the insurance is being dealt with, he's apparently counter claiming, claiming whiplash. I don't think you can get that by knocking a wing mirror??

So what should have been a simple case of getting the car fixed has now become more complicated. We're also having to wait 3 more weeks to get the wing mirror fixed. The car is usable, as the mirror has been temporarily fixed by tape, but AIBU to feel completely fed up with how cheeky some people can be???

Pigeonpost Fri 02-Feb-18 16:27:02

Eh? He wants to claim whiplash for driving into a legally parked car? CF indeed...

MavisPike Fri 02-Feb-18 16:28:40

nothing surprises me anymore

MaggieFS Fri 02-Feb-18 16:31:44

How can he claim whiplash if your car wasn't moving? Surely it's all on his insurance, whiplash or not.
Sounds like a scam.

Lucymek Fri 02-Feb-18 16:32:54

Won't the whiplash come
From his own insurance how stupid

WineIsTheAnswer Fri 02-Feb-18 16:33:47

Doesn't surprise me. Recently got hit while parked, but I was in the car. The insurance company offered many times to send me for a medical and asked "are you sure you do have an bruise or pain"... it was a 2mph crash, I think I'm ok. They rang back time and again to make sure I hadn't suddenly developed a twinge. I can imagine people are tempted to claim for non existent issues. They even spent time telling me how much I could get for a bruise or whiplash.

Lizzie48 Fri 02-Feb-18 16:34:21

I know. There was no shame in his attitude at all, or apology. It wouldn't surprise me if it was a scam.

WineIsTheAnswer Fri 02-Feb-18 16:35:11

And I was dealing direct with his insurance company, so they were effectively trying to up their own bill.

Trinity66 Fri 02-Feb-18 16:36:00

I don't understand how he can claim anything from you if he hit your car? or is he claiming off his own insurance and if so did he do it on purpose to get some cash back? odd

UnicornRainbows Fri 02-Feb-18 16:38:24

He's trying to claim on your insurance for whiplash when he drove into your parked, not even manned, car? That's hilarious!!! I think he'd have more luck claiming for brain damage hmm

Lizzie48 Fri 02-Feb-18 16:48:36

It was my insurance company that told me, so he's claiming it off my insurance. He's claiming he told me he thought he had whiplash when he spoke to me. Fgs, there are always cars parked along there. hmm

KarmaStar Fri 02-Feb-18 16:54:12

The idiot will be vehicle one(thats the vehicle at fault in a rtc)so his ridiculous claim will be against himself.
No you are not bu,but you have to laugh at his stupidity.
He drives into a stationary unattended and lawfully parked car,causes damage to it and wants to claim?😅 oh dear me you couldn't make this up.
I'm sorry for your inconvenience though,something you don't

TheMogget Fri 02-Feb-18 16:55:54

He categorically can not claim whiplash against you when your car was parked an unattended. Your insurers should be telling him to take a running jump, they will not pay him anything.

Lizzie48 Fri 02-Feb-18 17:00:55

I know, it is almost funny. That's why I'm posting this as another CF thread. I had to drive back home with 2 DDs, though, with a damaged left wing mirror (not far, thankfully).

He really wasn't nice about it, either, saying that he didn't have to tell me, as if he deserved a medal for doing so.

Hygge Fri 02-Feb-18 17:02:05

I don't understand how he's claiming whiplash when your car was parked and you weren't even in it at the time.

Is he claiming that you were driving and hit him?

Clem7 Fri 02-Feb-18 17:02:17

Has he been honest about your car being parked and unoccupied at the time of the accident?

Lizzie48 Fri 02-Feb-18 17:04:36

He couldn't really, the damage to my wing mirror and the side of the car don't fit with that at all. I'm confused actually. I wasn't there, the car was parked perfectly legally. No witnesses, though. sad

Clem7 Fri 02-Feb-18 17:04:47

I’d make sure you keep the note and a photo of the damag (presumably, if the wing mirror was folded, that will affect which area of it is damaged) just in case he’s going to try lying and say you were driving at the time.

Lizzie48 Fri 02-Feb-18 17:08:06

My DH took pictures so we have those as evidence. We need to find the note, as I never expected him to try to pull a fast one.

Hygge Fri 02-Feb-18 17:30:59

You need to get your insurance company to clarify exactly what he has said in regards to the entire accident.

You're saying he couldn't try to blame you but that doesn't mean he hasn't tried to blame you.

You need to know exactly what he has said to them.

Onesmallstepforaman Fri 02-Feb-18 17:35:35

Advise him that perjury can carry a hefty fine and or a prison sentence. It might also prevent him getting motor insurance in the future.

goose1964 Fri 02-Feb-18 17:41:21

He would be unlikely to get a claim for whiplash anyway, the insurance companies don't pay out for it anymore as too many people were claiming fraudulently, like he is trying to do

Lizzie48 Fri 02-Feb-18 17:46:28

That's good to know. I'm just angry more than anything else at fraudulent claims, as we lost my FIL in a car accident. I also worked in personal injury in the past and there are people who have genuinely life changing injuries. angry

italiancortado Fri 02-Feb-18 17:54:33

He would be unlikely to get a claim for whiplash anyway, the insurance companies don't pay out for it anymore as too many people were claiming fraudulently

What utter shite.

laura65988 Thu 08-Feb-18 12:36:38

If u can't use ure car why isn't his insurance company giving u a courtesy car as u are entitled as u are not at fault but fone insurance and make sure he hasn't said a different story for u to be at fault bxd

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