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To be annoyed at wedding venue?

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LolaDo Wed 31-Jan-18 13:51:40

I’m getting married in 3 weeks at an English country house hotel type venue.

They have called me today to advise that there will be roof works going on on my wedding day complete with the usual scaffolding etc. Fine. However, this goes round the perimeter of the whole venue so will be at the entrance. This means no pictures outside or under the beautiful archway. There’s a huge path leading up to the entrance with gardens either side so I won’t be able to have pictures here either as the scaffolding will be in the background.

They have also “advised” that the main bar and sitting lounge (it’s like a cigar lounge type thing where guests would have waited when they arrived) will be boarded off for refurbishment and they will be putting a temporary bar/ lounge round the back of the hotel.

I have guests coming from all over and the first thing they are going to see it bloody great scaffolding/ tarpaulin and builders.

I am so upset. What would you do?

We have spent a huge amount of money on this venue because it was “perfect” and now I just feel like the whole day will not be as I imagined. Am I being over dramatic?

WhiskyChick Wed 31-Jan-18 13:53:16

Is this the first time it's been mentioned? I mean roof works might be urgent repairs but surely the bar refurb must have been on the cards for a while?

Hygge Wed 31-Jan-18 13:53:23

Sounds like you have every right to complain and request a big discount because they're not providing the venue you booked.

LolaDo Wed 31-Jan-18 13:55:19

Yes it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

If I had known this before I would not have booked the venue.

happygirly1 Wed 31-Jan-18 13:55:58

You're not being over dramatic at all. I not sure what to advise in this situation with it being such short notice, but just wanted to say I totally bloody get this and I would be just as upset in these circumstances.

Maybe a bit of social media action if they won't budge at all? Get your friends to share and create a bit of a buzz and see if any other venues will offer their services last minute?

Bluedoglead Wed 31-Jan-18 13:55:59

I would complain and want a HUGE discount.

Trashboat Wed 31-Jan-18 13:56:17

I can't believe they did not inform you of this earlier. I can understand you must be gutted.

Very shoddy, poor treatment.

peachypetite Wed 31-Jan-18 13:56:55

This is outrageous! What are they offering by way of apology or compensation?

Bluelady Wed 31-Jan-18 13:56:56

They've breached your contract giving you no time to find an alternative. You'd be perfectly within your rights to tell them to stuff it and sue them for your deposit. Obviously you won't do that but they should be giving you a massive discount.

divadee Wed 31-Jan-18 13:57:55

The cynic in me says the venue knew about the work but leave it as close to the date as possible so you can't cancel as it would be near on impossible for you to arrange an alternative venue.

I would be wanting a huge discount. And ask what they have set up for photos etc.... And when I say huge at least 50-60% off.

TheMerryWidow1 Wed 31-Jan-18 13:57:56

defo complain as high as you can, no way should you be paying full amount for this. Very bad form

morni Wed 31-Jan-18 13:58:21

I'd be furious and gutted. It's not as advertised (presumably all their wedding literature carries pictures of the building) and I'd expect a huge discount.

LolaDo Wed 31-Jan-18 13:58:26

I know, it must have been in the pipeline for a while because it’s a massive job by the sounds of it. And for both to happen at the same time is just ridiculous. sad

MoistCantaloupe Wed 31-Jan-18 13:59:03

That is ridiculous! You should ask for a percentage of your money back. I would probably email them so not to be emotional, and bullet point the ways it effects me i.e. No photo opportunities, unsure what the bar will look like, booked and agreed to the price on the basis of what I had seen. They should be giving you a discount for this, it really isn't on. I would be terribly upset with such short notice. Hope you're OK.

LolaDo Wed 31-Jan-18 13:59:45

They have offered no apology or discount as of yet. I don’t want to go in all guns blazing because I don’t want it to be awkward on the day.

I’m just so so disappointed.

MoistCantaloupe Wed 31-Jan-18 14:00:07

Also, if they are a chain hotel, could they replace the venue for you? Though it is quite short notice on that front also x

Annamadrigal Wed 31-Jan-18 14:00:15

Check your contract as in mine it did mention that they have the right to do building works etc

ShastaTrinity Wed 31-Jan-18 14:00:23

You are not being dramatic, everyone else would be hugely pissed off, and they should at the very least offer you a big discount.

That aside, your wedding will not be any less than you imagined. It's too late to book anything else, but the hotel has time to suggest alternatives, and the temporary lounge might be just as suitable. As long as you are both healthy, and you have all your friends and family around, your day will be lovely and.

There are countless stories of brides being sick on the day, of venues going bust, of power cuts, people getting lost... Focuse on what is really important: your amazing dress, your partner (of course), a lovely meal, everybody having a blast at the reception. Don't let a few scaffolding spoil the day. You only get married once (well, most people do!).

nailyourcolours Wed 31-Jan-18 14:00:51

That sounds awful.

Go in and see someone. They have to do something, they can't just change your day like this. Doesn't have to be guns blazing, unless you want to change venue, just tell hem how upset you are.

Be bold, ask them to put it off because you booked your wedding first!

dancinfeet Wed 31-Jan-18 14:02:03

That's really awful of them. Whilst the repairs may be urgent they should have informed you at the time of booking, or as soon as it became apparent work had to take place. They have left it this late to tell you so that you cannot switch venue. I would be putting in a complaint - surely it's obvious that you have chosen this venue for it's picturesque appearance, which is essentially what you are paying for.

Chapterandverse Wed 31-Jan-18 14:05:52

Go and see them!

Maybe the doorway won't be effected?

If it is and they can't resolve this to your satisfaction, point out that they aren't upholding their side of the contract.

Bluelady Wed 31-Jan-18 14:06:37

If I were you I'd write down all your reasons for disappointment, go and see them as a couple and ask them how they plan to address all your issues. Then ask how much they propose reducing the charge.

Hygge Wed 31-Jan-18 14:08:22

Did they show you around and use these things as selling points for the venue?

Do they have them in the literature about booking them as a wedding venue?

If so, I would remind them of this when you ask for your discount. They've offered something they now can't provide, something that influenced your decision to book that venue. They need to compensate you for that.

Gemini69 Wed 31-Jan-18 14:09:22

this is awful Sweetheart.... I agree with everyone else.. your reason for choosing this Venue have been wiped out.... they owe you massive compensation flowers

Steeley113 Wed 31-Jan-18 14:10:16

I’d be so angry about this, all the reasons you chose the venue have been ruined. I’d be loudly complaining and getting a huge discount. Take to social media too!

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