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Thus weeks Silent Witness, aibu or was it a poorly written sack of shit tonight?

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flirtygirl Tue 30-Jan-18 22:33:23

Aibu to never watch it again? How can that many people be so stupid?
They can all see the boy Jack reacted to the police man because of his learning difficulties but they send cops with guns???
You can see the lead detective has a chip on his shoulder, he is rude, brusque and lacking in empathy, jumps to conclusions and again noone else does anything.

Tilly the carer can see the girl has been raped and does nothing??
I have watched silent witness since it began, aibu or maybe im oversensitive raising a dd with asd but wtf??

EllaHen Tue 30-Jan-18 22:35:37

Worst one ever. I didn't think tonight's could be worse than last night's but it was.

Disappointed in the lot of them.

Gemini69 Tue 30-Jan-18 22:39:48

I agree .. it was a really bad two parter.. was the Creep even questioned over the Rapes ?

it was a very emotional ending with Clarissa and her Mother flowers

postingherefortraffic Tue 30-Jan-18 22:46:26

They've been pants this series. Bad acting, bad plots and what's with all the drone shots?

FlyingElbows Tue 30-Jan-18 22:46:49

It was bad. Really bad. And a bit insulting to just about every profession or group of people it featured. Actual pile of shite.

flirtygirl Tue 30-Jan-18 23:02:39

Yep agree with all your comments. Two hours wasted.

OverinaFlash Tue 30-Jan-18 23:04:57

Oh thank God it wasn't just me. If everyone hadn't been so incompetent it would have all been over in 45 mins of programme. They have to make the police etc to completely bloody unbelievable things to keep the story going!

OverinaFlash Tue 30-Jan-18 23:05:20

So not to

Zintox Tue 30-Jan-18 23:05:27

I agree. Really awful and hard to watch on many levels.

I asked DH if they were trying to get as many unrealistic characters as possible into it.

OverinaFlash Tue 30-Jan-18 23:05:55

Oh FFS do not to or so!

sonyaya Tue 30-Jan-18 23:08:39

I agree the storyline was ridiculous, I did think Liz Carr was pretty amazing as Clarissa though.

Past few series it has all been a bit ‘worthy’. And I don’t like the new version of the theme tune either!

maras2 Tue 30-Jan-18 23:55:55

Was the flashback in the dress shop supposed to be Clarissa and her mum. If so why did the actor have Down Syndrome when Clarissa(Liz Carr) doesn't confused
I thought the whole program was sensationalist and poorly thought out.
Some good acting though.

HelenaDove Wed 31-Jan-18 00:03:51

Clarissa was in that scene but she wasnt the girl with Downs Syndrome.

maras2 Wed 31-Jan-18 00:06:37

Thanks Helena
I was distracted for a minute so got the wrong end of the stick smile

jemjemjem50 Wed 31-Jan-18 07:55:38

Silent Witness to Silent Shitness.

Just awful.

OnionKnight Wed 31-Jan-18 08:02:00

I thought it was awful. they completely glossed over the fact that they'd shot an innocent man with learning disabilities who was armed with a stick, they glossed over Serena killing the carer despite her physical disadvantage - okay she had a stun gun but still.

The policeman - Hunter or whatever his name was was a cock.

Also, how the hell was that wireless camera being charged?!

So many things were not explained.

Liz Carr was fantastic though.

Roystonv Wed 31-Jan-18 08:03:36

Not seen it yet and surprised it can get any worse though as I said on another thread Vera seems to be going off piste too. It's as though the crimes are secondary to the characters; does no-one check police procedure or that 2 + 2 does make 4 by the end when the storyline is presented/agreed before shooting takes place. Tbh feel they are taking the piss and relying on long standing viewers to tolerate their shenanigans.

CantChoose Wed 31-Jan-18 08:30:14

DH and I usually play a game of who can guess which character is going to do the most ridiculous, out of their job role, things each week but this week's episode was the worst for ages. Even the camera work was shoddy - at one point it looked like they were filming while riding a horse...

vampirethriller Wed 31-Jan-18 08:48:40

It was so bad I actually thought it was Holby City (missed the beginning and didn't realise it had started!)
No offence to Holby fans grin

BlindLemonAlley Wed 31-Jan-18 09:09:17

It was beyond ridiculous. It’s been bad enough that Nikki & Jack are increasingly doing the job of police detectives - solving crimes and chasing around after criminals in their lab coats. They’ve now gone the whole hog and painted the police as a total bunch of unprofessional, idiotic, incompetent, insensitive fools that shoot unarmed disabled people. That poor police sergeant was a reminder of the comical police sergeant in Doc Martin, only capable of making coffee and all a quiver in the presence of the amazing Nikki. Does anyone on the show check what the police procedure is for interviewing witnesses and doing searches? There would be uproar if the police shot and killed an unarmed disabled man in reality. I get the feeling that the BBC or someone on that show really dislike the police.

lightcola Wed 31-Jan-18 09:25:19

They we’re trying to portray how disabled people are treated in society but at times it felt like the total extreme. Abuse definitely happens in care homes but i don’t think all that would happen in one place. The manager was unbelievably wet. I too was shocked when the police man shot the boy, but then there is a story in the news today about a man with the mental age of 7 being tasered by the police so it does happen.

RagingWoman Wed 31-Jan-18 14:00:37

Seen this FB post by Scope?

BlindLemonAlley Wed 31-Jan-18 14:35:14

There were some very thought provoking issues raised in this story it’s just such a shame that elements were so far fetched and extreme.

SauvignonBlanche Wed 31-Jan-18 14:39:18

I didn't watch the second part as the first was so bad.

PlateOfBiscuits Wed 31-Jan-18 14:46:25

I thought Liz Carr was fantastic and I also thought it was great to see more disabled actors on tv.

There were a lot of “really!?” moments for me. Such as:
* The shooting
* Tilly (I at least expected a reason to emerge as to why she did nothing eg she was threatened or bribed)
* The detective
* The fact the Doctor spoke like a pantomime villain
* The fact that the killer (can’t remember his name) had so much power/responsibly when he was supply/bank staff (or did I misunderstand that).
* The weird convoluted way of Clarissa trying to get a doctors appointment.

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