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To think Ann Widdecombe is truly vile

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BlueSkiesAndWhiteCliffs Sat 27-Jan-18 23:00:26

Celeb Big Brother.

Anyone else saying the things she has said would have had people screaming at them.

She doesn't think women should work if they have children.

She doesn't agree with gay marriage.

She thinks being gay is disgusting.

She is so backwards in her thinking, she is truly horrible.

Now whilst I don't agree with the language that Andrew used about her, I agree with his sentiment and I can't believe everyone is pussy footing around her!

NinjaPig Sat 27-Jan-18 23:02:05

The bloody eye rolling is pising me off!!

mintich Sat 27-Jan-18 23:02:29

If she thinks being gay is disgusting, why is she so friendly with Amanda?

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sat 27-Jan-18 23:02:38

I think anyone is entitled to their views. You feel how you feel, however awful the opinion. What I take issue with is that she doesn’t listen to anyone else’s opinion. She is frustrating.

user764329056 Sat 27-Jan-18 23:04:15

Awful woman politically and in person

Jassmells Sat 27-Jan-18 23:06:42

She's definitely gay.

BlueSkiesAndWhiteCliffs Sat 27-Jan-18 23:06:58

Mintich - She has to talk to someone...

velouria Sat 27-Jan-18 23:09:16

She just comes across as particularly stupid and unthinking, totally brainwashed.

TinklyLittleLaugh Sat 27-Jan-18 23:10:06

So many times I have met people who claimed to find homosexuality disgusting who later turned out to have been deeply in the closet.

mintich Sat 27-Jan-18 23:13:10

True! Or maybe it's gay men she's not into.

areyoubeingserviced Sat 27-Jan-18 23:13:25

Jass- that’s what my dd thinks.
She thinks that Ann is gay, but is unable to come to terms with it, so she ‘prefers’ to be celibate

LizzieSiddal Sat 27-Jan-18 23:20:23

Ok, call someone gay because they’ve never married hmm

She’s said she’s been in love with a man but it didn’t work out. I think she’s a very religious person who sticks to what the bible preaches. I don’t agree with her at all, but has she actually said homosexuality is “disgusting”?

SoleBizzz Sat 27-Jan-18 23:21:49

I am celibate. I am NOT gay. Grow up.

Originalfoogirl Sat 27-Jan-18 23:22:52

backwards in her thinking
Because she has different views to your own?

I don’t agree with any of those things but surely she has every right to hold those opinions without being referred to as backward in her thinking?

llangennith Sat 27-Jan-18 23:23:42

Leave her alone!

mentalfluid Sat 27-Jan-18 23:23:58

her views may seem vile BUT isn't she Catholic? Muslims hold the same views re: homosexuality and some of them hold the same views re: women working. so would she be slated if she were a Muslim? hopefully not. so why is it ok to slate Catholics?

Chipstick10 Sat 27-Jan-18 23:24:36

You sound like a bloke who gets knocked back and automatically says ‘Lesbians ‘ . Seriously because a woman has never married or has deep held religious beliefs not based on hate then she must be gay. Way to go ladies.

EmpireVille Sat 27-Jan-18 23:25:09

When did she say being gay is disgusting?

Do you have evidence of this?

She's perfectly entitled not to believe in gay marriage. Does everyone have to agree with you OP? That's pretty bigoted.

mintich Sat 27-Jan-18 23:25:52

I'm not sure she said homosexuality was disgusting. She said someone about shane and Andrew being disgusting.....but then she also said that about Ashley and G!

MiniAlphaBravo Sat 27-Jan-18 23:27:01

Even though i disagree with much of what she says I do admire her for sticking to her guns. She has a right to her opinions.

pallasathena Sat 27-Jan-18 23:27:27

Why are you all so invested?

mirialis Sat 27-Jan-18 23:27:53

Ann on gay marriage:

She dislikes David Cameron’s “obsession” with image and strongly disagrees with his stance on equal marriage. Have her views on gay issues changed at all? “Everybody says to me that you must have met lots of gays in pantomime, and I say, ‘Hang on, do you think there are no gays at Westminster? That I never had gay friends?’ It doesn’t alter my view that marriage is between one man and one woman, and interestingly, a lot of gay people think the same.”

I bring this issue up again after she mentions her friendship with Strictly star Craig Revel Horwood. “There you go again,” she says. “I don’t know why people think that just because I have gay friends I should believe in gay marriage.”

Eltonjohnssyrup Sat 27-Jan-18 23:29:03

She is a person who thinks different things from you.

Personally I find those who are unable to tolerate a multiverse of different viewpoints much more sinister than an old lady with old fashioned views.

IfyouseeRitaMoreno Sat 27-Jan-18 23:29:14

What she said about Weinstein was a load of victim blaming straw man BS so YANBU.

CupcakeWithIcing Sat 27-Jan-18 23:30:14

Can't stand her. And don't come at me with the 'she's just old fashioned' ' that's what times were like back then' 'it's all she has ever known' bullshit! She has had more than enough time to educate herself on the world. More than enough time to learn and experience different people from different backgrounds. More than enough time to change her views and realise that everyone should be equal and allowed to be happy however they choose. Doesn't matter how old she is, I will not respect someone who's views spread hatred and evil to others. Just another piece of scum who hides behind religion when bullying other people.

Also as other PP have said. I think she is a lesbian, and it was drummed into her head from a very young age that it was wrong was disgusting. That's why she never had a relationship and instead focused on a career and making sure she promoted straight relationships and marriage before children.

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