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To not want the bloody fish and chips?!

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KaosReigns Wed 24-Jan-18 06:34:11

Today Mil and Fil took our DD out for "an hour" so that DP and I could get some cleaning done. Very generous of them and I am grateful. So at 5 they pick her up to go swimming (summer here and hot as hell), we get to work.

An hour and a half later DP calls them asking where they are and they say they're on the way back, the pool is a 10 minute walk away. So I get started on dinner.

45 minutes later they arrive, with fish and chips. Both pil and us agree that the fish and chip shop around the corner from us serves the worst fish and chips in the city. But on the way back they decided to take a detour, and pick us up a scoop of chips, one fish, and a sausage.

AIBU to not be feeling particularly grateful? I thanked them at the time and said "I wish you'd mentioned, I have dinner in the oven", they said well youre having fish and chips now. DH thinks that even mentioning that I was cooking was ungrateful.

So WIBU, DH says don't look a gift horse in the mouth, I say don't show up at someone's house with a fucking horse and no warning. Am i being a horrible dil?

Bluedoglead Wed 24-Jan-18 06:35:03

They were trying to do a nice thing.

KaosReigns Wed 24-Jan-18 06:36:20

Should add their conversation with DH was on speakerphone and there was definitely no mention of chips, they made it sound like they would be back straight back.

ladystarkers Wed 24-Jan-18 06:38:02

Yanbu and for them to say well your having fish and chips now when you've cooked is rude.

Theresnonamesleft Wed 24-Jan-18 06:38:09

I would be annoyed. The fish I wouldn't be able to eat. Don't like sausages and not a fan of fried food. I would wonder if the people around me actually knew who I was.

TinyRick Wed 24-Jan-18 06:38:38

Is that meant to feed all of you or just yourself?

ItsAllABitStrangeReally Wed 24-Jan-18 06:38:55

You are being a bit knobby, yes.

In the grand scheme of things it's nothing. Let's face It, in the great list of shitty things people can do buying fish and chips is hardly up there with drowning kittens is it ?

Pickleypickles Wed 24-Jan-18 06:39:41

They were trying to be nice and you were no worse off for it so i wouldnt let it bother you tbh

DeniseBest Wed 24-Jan-18 06:41:44

A scoop of chips, one fish and one sausage won't go far between you all.
Could you add it to whatever you are having for dinner? If not, is dinner able to be kept until tomorrow.
It's a thoughtful thing to do but annoying as you could of saved yourself the trouble of cooking if you'd known and also it's a crappy fish and chip shop.

Margomyhero Wed 24-Jan-18 06:42:06

They should have asked if you would like fish and chips when they were on the phone.


ovenchips Wed 24-Jan-18 06:42:11

Good grief. It's not important.

It's one if those things that riles at the time it happens but you really shouldn't give it the headspace afterwards!

Pengggwn Wed 24-Jan-18 06:43:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Trashboat Wed 24-Jan-18 06:48:24

What a pair of evil bastards. I would go NC. FisH, chips AND a sausage. Twats.

KaosReigns Wed 24-Jan-18 06:49:39

It is enough for us but not what we would have ordered if we had wanted fish and chips.

Mil does have form for just showing up with food we don't want or need and I have tried to politely dissuade her from this many times. I just hate food waste, and they usually but things they like but we don't and refuse to take it back.

Maybe it's just the straw that broke the camel's back. But dinner will be fine for tomorrow and I accept I'm being unreasonable. Though still annoyed.

LadyBunnysWig Wed 24-Jan-18 06:51:48

As someone who walks past a F&C shop ever day, you don't always plan on having fish and chips. They have you. The smell is so tantalising and if it just caught them as they were walking then yeah it would have been spontaneous.
You're trying to make it sound like they've done this maliciously. Unless there is a massive backstory and this is mn so I don't doubt there will be one coming, it sounds like they just hadn't thought.
Did they know you would be fixing tea at that moment?

Honestly I'd let it go.

falang Wed 24-Jan-18 06:52:00

Maybe they don't like your cooking?

TinyRick Wed 24-Jan-18 06:57:03

1 fish, 1 sausage and a portion of chips for 4 adults and a child?!

Was the fish a whole shark or summat?

Peachyking000 Wed 24-Jan-18 06:57:12

I think it was kind of them, and as there was only one fish etc we probably would have eaten it along with our dinner - or gave it to the dog/cat. It sounds like their intentions were good

BoomBoomsCousin Wed 24-Jan-18 06:57:25

I would hate that too. But it's not really horrendous is it, if the bad thing about your In Laws is that they bring you crap food from time to time?

KaosReigns Wed 24-Jan-18 06:58:49

Well it was past dds dinner time when they finally got back, so i imagine most people would assume that i had at least planned something.

I can only assume it's part of some massive evil plot to fatten us all up. Maybe theyre trying to kill us off with junk food so they get dd.

Bluedoglead Wed 24-Jan-18 07:00:44

A scoop of chips, one dish and a sausage is enough between 4 adults and a child?

Bluedoglead Wed 24-Jan-18 07:00:58


KaosReigns Wed 24-Jan-18 07:02:10

They brought their own, but took it home to eat. I did invite them to stay.

This is the third lot of food this week. Maybe they think I don't know where the supermarket is, or DH has been sharing tales of my cooking.

Bluedoglead Wed 24-Jan-18 07:03:43

Did you not offerthem to stay and eat with you?

HotelEuphoria Wed 24-Jan-18 07:03:49

The biggest surprise for me is one fish, one sausage and one chips between three, I waoukd have said "is that all you brought us?".

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