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This isn't normal is it?

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Busybeesbutt Mon 22-Jan-18 22:48:30

I work somewhere very odd

The manager tells workers other people hate them and talk about them
The manager tells others what their colleagues are off sick with
The admin staff email the manager moaning instead of confronting the person themselves
Staff secretly audit other staffs work!
The manager tells women going on mat leave not to dare ask for part time

DriggleDraggle Mon 22-Jan-18 22:49:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Busybeesbutt Mon 22-Jan-18 23:43:39

I just think wtf? Do people actually behave like This?!?

Stickaforkinimdone Mon 22-Jan-18 23:47:26

Ha! Sounds like the NHS

Busybeesbutt Mon 22-Jan-18 23:48:12

No comment lol

Yeaididthat Mon 22-Jan-18 23:50:00

Going to go with medical secretary.

Busybeesbutt Tue 23-Jan-18 00:03:04

So is everywhere like this ?

UpstartCrow Tue 23-Jan-18 00:05:34

No, everywhere is not like that. Other people use ACAS when their manager is an arse.

thenightsky Tue 23-Jan-18 00:08:34

I was going to say medical secretary too! There's a reason I took early retirement. sad

Busybeesbutt Tue 23-Jan-18 00:08:54

The culture is so ingrained I think union involvement is useless and I need a reference

huha Tue 23-Jan-18 00:09:35

My work is like this.

MrsMaxwell Tue 23-Jan-18 00:09:40

This has to be public sector.

crunchymint Tue 23-Jan-18 00:09:41

Telling others why someone is off sick without permission from the person off sick, is a data protection issue

Busybeesbutt Tue 23-Jan-18 00:11:27

Time to move on after mat leave for me but finding a part time job with the hours I need will be hard.

RhodaBorrocks Tue 23-Jan-18 00:13:25

I think you work where I used to work (NHS). I got the hell out and found another department.

Busybeesbutt Tue 23-Jan-18 00:13:36

How do you tell somewhere is going to be like that aswell when you interview??

Suzielou66 Tue 23-Jan-18 00:16:28

Totally unacceptable.

zen1 Tue 23-Jan-18 00:20:49

Lol I was going to say it sounds exactly like when I worked in NHS admin, even down to staff carrying out secret audits!

Busybeesbutt Tue 23-Jan-18 00:25:46

I fear the private sector is calling me

highinthesky Tue 23-Jan-18 00:29:36

These techniques come straight out of the guidebook of shit management. Find your whistle and blow it hard.

willstarttomorrow Tue 23-Jan-18 00:36:45

Going against the grain here but I work in the public sector and it is nothing like this! However my team is amazing and I realise that this is not always the case so will stick it out (only 25 more years until I retire).

My previous role was as a professional allied to the NHS. My god it was like I was working in the 1970s and as a lowly social care professional I think I was at the very bottom of the hierarchy. It was the least challenging role imaginable for my profession but I would never go back. Prefer it at the coalface! Get yourself over to social care OP.

Busybeesbutt Tue 23-Jan-18 00:37:23

I'll be having my say in the exit interview but whilst I'm looking there's no way I'm rocking the boat. Got to think about myself and my livelihood

Busybeesbutt Tue 23-Jan-18 01:03:35

And i was mentored by a staff member everyone knew had serious issues but don't worry you take them out on me. She ended up having a breakdown and leaving in disgrace. Not before she threatened me

RhodaBorrocks Tue 23-Jan-18 01:56:04

Is the manager a former nurse?

The managers I've encountered who are like this (in 3 separate Trusts) were all former matrons, who took pride in declaring "I run my team like I ran my wards!" Sickness and maternity leave were not tolerated. You were discouraged from coming back after maternity leave if you didn't come back full time because "women shouldn't want to have their cake and eat it/you can't have it all/I had to juggle motherhood with working full time, you get mollycoddled these days "

I'm now managed by a lovely man my own age with 3 kids of his own.

ohfourfoxache Tue 23-Jan-18 02:31:23

Oh I don’t know Rhoda - some of the “professional managers” in the NHS are like that too. Except they often don’t have the first idea about anything that might be clinically relevant or important (who needs to put patients first when targets are the priority?)

I’ve gone over to the dark side (CCG) and it’s fucking awesome grin - all the managers are sensible, practical, head-screwed-on nurses

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