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LemonsLemonsLemonsLemons Mon 22-Jan-18 20:46:33

Just that really. I mean how do you literally force yourself to get up? I snooze my alarm 5/6 times, feel terrible, start every day rushed and late. Each day I think it’ll be different but it never is. sad desperate for strategies! This has only started in the last year or so - I used to be able to spring out of bed on the alarm. Is there anything that makes it easier?

peachgreen Mon 22-Jan-18 20:47:03

Sunrise alarm light. Changed my life.

fannythrobbing Mon 22-Jan-18 20:47:40

I left my job I hated for something I liked with colleagues I like. It's made a massive difference. How do you feel about your current role?

Dozyoldtwonk Mon 22-Jan-18 20:48:30

Following. I’m useless in the morning. Utterly useless. I feel you, OP.

Pleasedontdrawonyoursister Mon 22-Jan-18 20:48:40

I never hit snooze any more! If you do it once then you’re setting yourself up for repeated snoozing! I usually open my eyes on the first alarm, have a quick flick through social media or read the news headlines or something for 5 mins then get out of bed and wash my face! Wouldn’t say I’m a morning person but at least I’m out of bed

Patodp Mon 22-Jan-18 20:48:49

My 3yo son comes in and pulls my covers off and shoves Mr Bear in my face.
God I miss lie ins.

Chugalug Mon 22-Jan-18 20:49:37

Vitamins.liquid iron,vit d,and general multi vit .spray in to mouth a sunrise alarm...

Ishouldntbesolucky Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:00

I get jumped on by small children telling "Mummy, get up, it's morning!"

However, it's not relaxing, so not really to be recommended!

I do envy their ability to go from sound asleep to running around in just seconds. It takes me at least 2 cups of coffee to feel even vaguely human.

Dizzywizz Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:11

My 3 year old wakes me up by pulling my hair and if that doesn’t work, he lies on top of my head

ScreamingValenta Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:13

Don't use the snooze function - lying there on borrowed time makes it worse.

I try to think ahead to my first cup of tea (and cigarette blush ) and blot out the getting up and getting ready bit. I hate it though. Actually getting out of bed is best done like ripping off a plaster - quickly.

raviolidreaming Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:30

Sunrise alarm for me too. Game changing.

HoppyHannah Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:31

It is not easy by any stretch. But I have found that going to bed early, taking a magnesium tab and sleeping well is good.

Then just train yourself to get up when the alarm goes off. Snoozing is doozing and just prolongs the agony!

Once out of the bed it's not so bad. I set my alarm for ten minutes earlier than I need to. It makes mornings easier for me. It cannot be helped, millions do it every day.

Training yourself to pull the covers back and GET OUT is the most important thing. Ten minutes more is just agony.

RefuseTheLies Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:32

You can have my toddler if you like? She wakes before 6am every morning and then forces everyone else to get up too.

I drink a lot of redbull in the morning, and I go to bed at 9pm.

confusedandemployed Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:37

I make a coffee with my bedside hot water dispenser and watch some comedy on Netflix. By the time DD wakes up at 7 I'm ready and raring to go.

ProfessorPickles Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:46

I second what fannythrobbing said (great username grin), when I had a job I didn't like it was a nightmare to get up. For university I was rarely late as I absolutely loved to go!

isseywithcats Mon 22-Jan-18 20:50:52

i use my mobile phone for my alarm and put it about three feet from the bed so when it goes off i have to get out of bed to turn it off no going back to bed straight into my dressing gown and downstairs kettle on then i can relax for a while before i get ready for work

Talkingfrog Mon 22-Jan-18 20:51:03

Do you go yo bed later hey and you used to? I know I take longer to try up if I have had a late night. Are you feel tired at other times? If do it might be worth getting iron levels checked.

Ishouldntbesolucky Mon 22-Jan-18 20:51:18

I'd consider loaning you a small person? You'd certainly never get to press snooze 5 or 6 times!

Slightlyperturbedowlagain Mon 22-Jan-18 20:51:22

Sunrise alarm here too. It changed my life as well.

Chugalug Mon 22-Jan-18 20:51:33

I noticed it felt a bit lighter this morning,so I feel we are on the home stretch of dark mornings

AFistfulOfDolores Mon 22-Jan-18 20:51:45

I get up when the alarm goes off (or I wake up just before it goes off); I splash water on my face; meditate for 20 minutes; then wake the rest of the house up, including the cat smile

iwouldgoouttonight Mon 22-Jan-18 20:52:05

I second a sunrise alarm clock. I really struggle getting up in the winter and it's really helped me, it gets gradually lighter over half an hour so that when the alarm goes off you're not in such a deep sleep.

Before I had that I used to have my alarm clock on the other side of the room so I had to get out of bed to switch it off. Otherwise I'd press snooze forever.

AFistfulOfDolores Mon 22-Jan-18 20:52:08

(It's meditation that has helped me get up straight away, btw.)

CuppaTeaTime2 Mon 22-Jan-18 20:52:15

Force myself up and turn on all the lights. Quickly pull the quilt back over. And then cry.

LittleFeileFooFoo Mon 22-Jan-18 20:52:44

Feet first, if I'm lucky.
Wet dog nose is a quite alarming, and usually i only need one application to get out of bed.

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