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To go NC with FIL over glittergate (light hearted)

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JJPP123 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:00:08

Yesterday FIL came iver to play with DS. He smuggled in glitter, 8 little pots of it, which he and DS seem to have thrown all around DS's bedroom. Apparently it was magic, except despite hoovering for what seems like hours on end it's now all over my house. All over me, all over DH, all over the children and everything we own.
I'm going out of my mind, will this ever end? AIBU to never allow FIL on the premises again?!

FooFighter99 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:01:48

Make his pay for a cleaner.

Then go NC grin

GlorianaBanana Mon 22-Jan-18 11:01:54

Surely you post his next birthday card and fill it with glitter and tiny sequins and claim it was the Dcs idea wink

FooFighter99 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:02:04

*Him (dammit)

isawahatonce Mon 22-Jan-18 11:03:20

Gloriana has the right idea

StorminaBcup Mon 22-Jan-18 11:03:26

I’d repay them with a visit from your dc and tonne of magic for their house.

Notasperfectasallothermners Mon 22-Jan-18 11:03:34

Buy mil some pj's from Primark for maybe Mother's day - I got some for Christmas, all sparkly and shiney.
Dh had a penis to be proud of - all sparkly and shiney too!!
Like a light sabre in fact!!
My bedding looks like a Christmas bloody wonderland!

Evelynismyformerspyname Mon 22-Jan-18 11:05:42

I have never minded mess and always been happy for the kids to paint and glue and not carried about muddy or sandy children coming into the house, but I hate glitter! There is something freaky about the way it hangs about for years no matter how often you've cleaned it up, and how it spreads. I think glitter is actually a virus...

YANBU - definitely fill fil's shoes and coat pockets next birthday card with glitter.

Evelynismyformerspyname Mon 22-Jan-18 11:08:52

DD actually set off an airport security scanner due to glitter once - she was using a Hand lunggage bag in which a glitter explosion had previously occurred and been forgotten about, and had a thin covering of metallic glitter on everything she'd touched after fishing about in the bag for things.

NataliaOsipova Mon 22-Jan-18 11:11:07

Surely you post his next birthday card and fill it with glitter and tiny sequins and claim it was the Dcs idea wink

You have to do this. After all, he likes it so much.....

JJPP123 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:44:27

TMI, I know, but I just blew my nose and glitter came out.

JJPP123 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:45:33

I couldn't glitter bomb them. MIL does all the housework and I'm certain she wouldn't have encouraged this kind of craziness.

FucksBizz Mon 22-Jan-18 11:50:42

Log in with 101, of course! grin

JJPP123 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:53:13

I guess tha

JJPP123 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:53:49

I suppose that way my future actions could at least be justified as self defense.

user1493413286 Mon 22-Jan-18 11:55:35

Wow, do the same at his house? Give DS some glitter and let him do what he wants?

PositivelyPERF Mon 22-Jan-18 11:58:12

I found tiny bits of glitter when I was laying the new Lino, last week. I’m a grinch and don’t/have ever allowed glitter through the door. I’ve been in this house for over 25yrs! Where the fuck did it come from? 😕

Sarahjconnor Mon 22-Jan-18 12:05:34

revenge is sweet:

WildRosesGrow Mon 22-Jan-18 12:07:57

Am I the only one feeling a bit warm and smiley about a grown man happily throwing sparkles around with his grandson?

Sorry about the mess though, it took months of cleaning to sort out my daughter's room after she make winter come to her doll's house by covering it with sparkly talc. It did look festive though!

Blackteadrinker77 Mon 22-Jan-18 12:08:48

Glitter is the spawn of the devil.

I suggest cleansing the planet of this man, going nc with him is too good.

FucksBizz Mon 22-Jan-18 12:09:02

Am I the only one feeling a bit warm and smiley about a grown man happily throwing sparkles around with his grandson?

No, I am too. Lovely. As long as it's not in my house grin

JJPP123 Mon 22-Jan-18 12:11:47

Ha, he is a lovely grandad but they could have at least done it on the hardfloors. It's embedded in the carpet.

TinklyLittleLaugh Mon 22-Jan-18 12:15:13

I'd feel warmer and smilier if the grown man had hovered up after himself. Apparently he doesn't even do that in his own house.

Megs4x3 Mon 22-Jan-18 12:17:16

Glittery snot? You must have been a unicorn in a previous life! Sorry to hear about the glitter in the carpet though, but seeing as he's a lovely Grandad, perhaps you could banish him to Fairyland for a day or two.

FairfaxAikman Mon 22-Jan-18 12:18:12

It ain't known as craft herpes for nothing. You're never getting rid of it all OP.

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