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To question whether we are actually in the midst of a New World Order?

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Falmer Sun 21-Jan-18 18:58:35

As above (at the risk of sounding tin foil hat) and if we're not, what the hell is going on in the world, what's causing it?

MonochromeDog Sun 21-Jan-18 18:59:39

I don't know, but I'm starting to wonder myself!

AnneLovesGilbert Sun 21-Jan-18 19:00:43

Which bits in particular?

Falmer Sun 21-Jan-18 19:11:24

Well, 10 years ago we were shocked to find our kids didn't have the rights we thought they had. One has sen and his legal rights were trampled on. Then, the increasing displacement and movement of tens of thousands in foreign lands, increased big brother, needing both parents working just to survive, the secret bilderburg meetings, a lot of fear of the services instead of trust, stress everywhere, chemtrails, tap water a bit risky, etc, etc.

specialsubject Sun 21-Jan-18 19:19:59

You had me until chemtrails.....

Sparklesocks Sun 21-Jan-18 19:22:19

Yes sorry OP you do sound a bit like one of those illuminati Facebook videos...

user1497863568 Sun 21-Jan-18 19:27:20

It's an old one really. This sort of crap has been going on for centuries.

LuluBellaBlue Sun 21-Jan-18 19:29:37

A shift and raise in consciousness grin

lostinblankers Sun 21-Jan-18 19:36:38

Chemtrails? Are you a flat earther?
I'm a bit of a prepper but I don't believe that nonsense.

Falmer Sun 21-Jan-18 19:47:46

I don't know much about chemtrails, I'm still questioning and doubting. I've seen them, what are they? And no, I'm not a flat earther!grin I suppose I'm saying that in general, things just don't "feel" right.

FingerlingUnderling Sun 21-Jan-18 19:54:39

I had to look up chemtrails grin. They are called contrails and occur when an aircraft flies at an altitude whereby the water vapour from aircraft engine exhausts form cloud like formations at the low temperatures.
Person displacement has been going on for centuries. One of the worst in the UK was the Highland clearances. Surveillance in the UK is high but not unusual or necessarily intrusive if you have nothing to hide.

When you say fear of the services, which ones are you talking about? Stress is a normal phenomenon but reported rates are high but stats can give odd impressions and stress used to be called 'nerves'.

Falmer Sun 21-Jan-18 20:03:18

Keep hearing about people's (and my own) fear/distrust of ss, hospitals, hv's etc. It never used to be like this, I'm sure.

c3pu Sun 21-Jan-18 20:05:51

Those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.

Just ask Robespierre.

mirime Sun 21-Jan-18 20:06:37

It's largely down to the internet I think. Let's us talk to people all over the world with a false sense of anonymity.

I'm sure there were plenty of people 30 years ago who didn't like their health visitor, but they probably just got on with it.

FingerlingUnderling Sun 21-Jan-18 20:07:00

ah, I thought you meant the Armed Forces, police etc!

squishysquirmy Sun 21-Jan-18 20:11:38

The tracks you see behind planes are caused by a similar phenomena to the one that makes your mirror steam up when you have a shower. (My physics teacher once told me you can prevent your mirror steaming up by having someone smoke on the toilet while you shower.)

BertieBotts Sun 21-Jan-18 20:17:08

I think people have often been distrustful of those in power! It is natural to feel distrustful of social services in particular as they have the power to remove your children, which is a primal fear for parents, you can't react rationally to that when faced with it, no matter what you might think when you're posting about it on an internet forum with nobody in official capacity anywhere near questioning your parenting. If you've been in the situation, you'll know. If you haven't then it takes an extraordinary amount of empathy to genuinely imagine it.

That said I honestly think things are much better than they were in the past, with more transparency and record keeping and less room for shady deals - but we should not become naive and assume that the rich and powerful have our greater welfare at heart - of course they are going to service their own interests first. It has always been that way. The difference now (I think) is that the rich and powerful tend to be big business owners, whereas in the past they were royals and nobles. What difference that makes in reality, I'm not sure.

Falmer Sun 21-Jan-18 20:23:36

DD's friend (adults) has a db who is in air force. He's told
us not only that there are chemicals being dropped but also the forces are being brainwashed with something called nlp (neuro linguistic programming) and he believes this is being used in local services too.

FingerlingUnderling Sun 21-Jan-18 20:32:14

Oh my goodness OP!! Your DD's friends' brother...could not be more wrong. NLP is not used routinely as there is no evidence base behind it. Anyway its not a form of brainwashing. Look it up. Meditation to reduce stress, applied positive psychology and resilience boosting exercises are all used. All to help keep the workforce mentally healthy. No brain washing!

FingerlingUnderling Sun 21-Jan-18 20:32:42

Sorry for the poor apostrophe placement...

TalkinPeace Sun 21-Jan-18 20:38:46

What rights did you think your child had
that have been taken away ?

LostSight Sun 21-Jan-18 20:41:36

I’ve occasionally wondered if we’re entering Revelation. The western world is beginning to feel bizarre enough to me.

Spartaca Sun 21-Jan-18 20:42:24

Have you looked up what NLP is? I think he is hoodwinking you.

TrinitySquirrel Sun 21-Jan-18 20:47:17

You don't need both parents working to survive. It doesn't even make economical sense to have it because two lower earners pay less tax than one higher earner.

People just need to learn to live within their means hmm or if they want top end luxuries then yeah, work for it.

You're more likey to find poor education is how shit like Trump happens. The rest is you living in your western (UK) media bubble. The rest of the world has totally different news and view points and the developed nations are generally laughing.

BattleCuntGalactica Sun 21-Jan-18 20:47:21

Paging Alex Jones..

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