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TO not go on family weekend away?

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Onthedowns Thu 18-Jan-18 21:52:13

My brother and brother in law turning 30 this year, their girlfriend and wife said about hiring a large house for 2 nights. It’s withinan hour 10 adults and 6 children. The price has come back 450 per couple. I am horrified. !! I have said we cannafford it as we have other commitments. I hav

ZenNudist Thu 18-Jan-18 21:53:59

Stop typing with your big toe and you might have more luck grin

Weezol Thu 18-Jan-18 21:59:59

£450 is way too much - I'm guessing it's self catering so that number could easily go up by £50 pet couple.

I would politely decline.

JustMarriedBecca Thu 18-Jan-18 22:06:44

Just say it's too expensive. Either you stay somewhere you can all afford or you don't go. Are they expecting the kids to have their own room?

FizzyGreenWater Thu 18-Jan-18 22:07:26

Tell them te noihydc to that! Cheeky buggers.

lightcola Thu 18-Jan-18 22:14:24


FawnDrench Thu 18-Jan-18 22:14:59

Is it Buckingham Palace?

Totally over the top price - is it to cover the children - so 16 people but splitting the costs between the couples / parents?

toriatoriatoria Thu 18-Jan-18 22:19:32

Are the spitting the price between the adults to cover the children (as in a couple with 3 kids playing the same as as a couple with no kids)?

MrTrebus Thu 18-Jan-18 22:37:52

What happened to te noihydc. I miss te noihydc.

leaveituntiltomorrow Thu 18-Jan-18 22:40:25

For that price I’d want te noihydc three times a day.

cathycake Thu 18-Jan-18 22:44:11

You get what you pay for op. There's probably unlimited te noihydc included in the price for that.

Onthedowns Fri 19-Jan-18 02:34:15

Sorry!! My phone got snatched then died! Yes we are splitting kids and there aren’t enough bedrooms kids will be on sofa beds. It’s my parents, two sisters and partners , children and my brother and girlfriend. We are going an hour away and can’t check in till after 2pm! I just find it expensive for literally not even two days. It’s a lovely place . However we will get made to feel guilty etc about not going and kids missing out with cousins etc. It’s not till September so we could save towards it but we are having new kitchen and also my sister in law is getting married in December and hen stag do is September also. I just find it hard to justify but perhaps I am wrong!!!

nokidshere Fri 19-Jan-18 02:39:59

No-one can make you feel guilty, that's down to you

Just say you can't afford it and unless they find somewhere cheaper you won't be joining them.

It's really not hard

Onthedowns Fri 19-Jan-18 02:56:39

You haven’t got my family! It will be made difficult for all sorts of reasons!

buttfacedmiscreant Fri 19-Jan-18 03:05:24

That is a lot of money for two nights of te noihydc. I'd say no...

HonkyWonkWoman Fri 19-Jan-18 03:09:05

It's expensive but if it will cause a family upset, I would do my best to go.
Start saving now for it. It will be an experience for your kids as well, all the family away together. I'd go for it!

expatmatt38 Fri 19-Jan-18 03:32:05

That's 2k a night for this place! That seems an awful lot
Are they set on the place? Could you research similar but more reasonable places ?

LoveProsecco Fri 19-Jan-18 03:48:55

That's very expensive! Could you look at different accommodation of an all-inclusive hotel?

AmberTopaz Fri 19-Jan-18 04:10:36

That seems like a lot of money. Could you do a bit of research and suggest some cheaper places? is good for large self catering properties.

Onthedowns Fri 19-Jan-18 07:38:49

We have looked but because it’s in school holidays too that hasn’t helped! A lot of places sleeping 16 are expensive

Spartaca Fri 19-Jan-18 07:44:37

I'd be amazed if they couldn't find something for less than that, that is extortionate. I'd say no,go and join them for a day,lunch etc.

DoublyTroubly Fri 19-Jan-18 07:47:16

To be honest, I’m surprised you found a house that agreed to be hired for a weekend at summer. Most places want to be hired out for a week - have you tried searching for that? It might be cheaper than just a weekend and some families might make more use out of the remaining days.

Alternatively, have you looked for a small b&b where you can hire out all of the rooms? They usually have communal living room areas

Ghostontoast Fri 19-Jan-18 07:49:49

Go glamoung/camping / got to be cheaper than that!

MrTrebus Fri 19-Jan-18 08:46:45

Come back to the te noihydc thread OP!

Inkstainedmags Fri 19-Jan-18 09:06:59

That's 2k a night for this place!
This is what I thought at first too, expat, but it's 5 couples @ £450/couple so £2250 or £1125 per night. For 16 people that's £70/person

If it's suitably luxurious it isn't an unreasonable amount but if you can't afford it you can't afford it. Do you have children OP or are they asking you to subsidise nieces and nephews? Is it all inclusive or do you still have to pay for food and drink on top of that?

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