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Aibu to not buy party bags for 8 year olds?

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healthandwealth Wed 17-Jan-18 03:59:07

My son is having his 8th birthday party this weekend at a soft play. AIBU to not buy party bags for the kids? I'm a bit over giving/receiving plastic crap for the kids and wonder if the kids will really notice if they don't get party bags? If I do get something it will just be a big wheels car each and a bag of sweets. What age do you think it's acceptable to stop the party bag nonsense?!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 17-Jan-18 04:00:17

I think too young to stop. A lot of the kids are only 7.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Wed 17-Jan-18 04:03:08

I'd go with bags - they do like them and you can choose what to put in them, it doesn't have to be tat - even a few sweeties and a slice of cake and a pencil/eraser would be good.
I would think 7/8 yr old boys would love a car and some haribo or similar.
It just "finishes off" the party for them.

Pennywhistle Wed 17-Jan-18 04:06:29

My two are ten years old and party bags still reign.

You don’t have to fill them with tat though. We’ve done books, stationery etc.

AlwaysDancing1234 Wed 17-Jan-18 04:12:36

My DS is 10 and still adores a party bag!
Doesn’t all have to be plastic tat. Party bags received by DS and DD last year included:

a book (Goosebumps series, the Mum of the party child said she a bought a pack of 12 from the Book People I think) and a pack of Haribo

Back in the summer he had A bag containing a mini water pistol and pack of water balloons, bag of mini marshmallows and some stickers

Colour your own bag with pens (I’ve seen them for a few quid each in Tiger and Wilko) sweets, balloon, bit of cake

A cheap football and a lollipop

I think as long as there is a little something to bring home and some sort of sweet treat they’re happy!

steff13 Wed 17-Jan-18 05:49:23

You put a slice of cake in a bag?

heartyrebel Wed 17-Jan-18 06:25:48

I stopped doing them at 7. None of the kids say anything and their parents followed suit

Afreshcuppateaplease Wed 17-Jan-18 06:27:46

Last couple years we havr just given a sweet cone and cake

Flashinggreen Wed 17-Jan-18 06:28:05

At DS2’s 9th birthday last year I didn’t do party bags. There we only a few of them and on did ask and whinge when he was told I hadn’t done them. I frankly couldn’t be arsed so I didn’t. Maybe one more year OP.

pinkdelight Wed 17-Jan-18 06:29:42

In a serviette steffi. Totally standard.

BhajiAllTheWay Wed 17-Jan-18 06:49:37

I always found it a good way of rounding them all up at the end..theres always that one kid who's squashed flat at the far reaches of the ball pool who refuses to come out shout of " come get your party bag" usually sorts it.grin

Karigan1 Wed 17-Jan-18 06:52:10

They will notice at that age.

whywontteenswearcoats Wed 17-Jan-18 06:58:56

Apart from anything else party bags are a good way to say “party’s over time to go”. If you don’t want to do a load of plastic tat think of an alternative. I’ve given out books from Poundland before or sweet cones

butterfly990 Wed 17-Jan-18 07:13:22

My kids have had a tube of rolos, chocolate buttons etc. before.

One year my mum gave the party bag money to charity. I was mortified at the time. Lovely sentiment, thinking about it now.

Trashboat Wed 17-Jan-18 07:15:16

I did party bags at dd's 9th bitthday.

I done more stationery from b & m though.

A pen, a pad of post its, a notebook, a pencil, an eraser, couple of sweets from a big bag and a slice of cake.

Seemed to go down well, but cost about a quid per bag, so not mega expensive.

Littlepond Wed 17-Jan-18 07:16:45

I think party bags will still be expected at this age. What about sweet cones or jars?

allthegoodusernameshavegone Wed 17-Jan-18 07:20:02

Never done party bags, no one has ever mentioned anything.

Nicpem1982 Wed 17-Jan-18 07:28:40

I think they'd be expected

How about a craft kit from b and m or home bargains

NeverUseThisName Wed 17-Jan-18 07:28:55

YANBU, not all U.

I don't think we ever did party bags after dc1's first year at school. An average of a bag full of sugar and tatt every week convinced us! Since then we've always done Going Home presents (which is what I had as a child). A book or fancy pencil or similar, and a slice of birthday cake. Plus a balloon if we'd used them.

Snowysky20009 Wed 17-Jan-18 07:32:09

steff13 isn't that the whole point to take some cake home after all the crap they have eaten? Has been for the almost 40 odd years I've been attending parties? <goes off to googling party bag etiquette>.....

YellowMakesMeSmile Wed 17-Jan-18 07:33:35

At that age they will expect them, it's still young.

They don't have to be filled with tat, you can get hundreds of things that will be used or consumed and won't end up in landfill.

LalalaLeah Wed 17-Jan-18 07:35:58

Maybe do just one small quality gift like a book from a book people set rather than a bag of tat. Or just some haribo and cake. The kids still love party bags at that age

Toomanycats99 Wed 17-Jan-18 07:37:12

@NeverUseThisName but that is essentially a party bag? I take the term party bag in this discussion to mean a gift given to those attending the party at going home time.

BlackeyedSusan Wed 17-Jan-18 07:40:44

at that age I was doing stationery, and sweets.

DayKay Wed 17-Jan-18 07:40:47

You don’t have to do party bags but I think it’s nice to give something. Most kids are happy with some sweets.
One year I totally forgot party bags for 9yr old ds party. I was in the supermarket so desperately trying to buy something on the day and bought inexpensive coloured mugs and put a sachet of hot chocolate and some sweets in it. Kids were happy.

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