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To ask for your OLD disasters? [Edited by MNHQ]

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buddhasbelly Tue 16-Jan-18 23:46:08

I had posted this on another thread but it made me laugh at the dire response someone gave me....

Oh and daily mail please F off as feel this might have DM written all over it - I had matched with a guy on my dating app, I sent him a msg to say he was wearing a great Christmas jumper in his profile pic. This was his response...

Anyone else got a terrible msg to make me feel that it's not just me! (I do have a date this weekend with someone who seems lovely!)

buddhasbelly Tue 16-Jan-18 23:52:45

I hope it's not just me!

Plentyoffishnets Tue 16-Jan-18 23:56:57

that is brilliant!😂
It's hard to know if it's the misogyny or the dullness which aces it!

buddhasbelly Tue 16-Jan-18 23:59:58

@Plentyoffishnets I tried to decide what offended me more and had settled on the misogyny but then yes, at what point did ironing become an exciting proposition?! grin

LemonysSnicket Wed 17-Jan-18 00:03:09

Might want to ask MNHQ to amend the title to O.L.D as I read it as overdose and was hmm

Weezol Wed 17-Jan-18 00:04:48

What kind of freak irons a jumper?

buddhasbelly Wed 17-Jan-18 00:05:41

Oh good point Lemony! Apologies all blush

BettyBaggins Wed 17-Jan-18 00:07:40

I read it as Over Draft!

buddhasbelly Wed 17-Jan-18 00:08:28

Have reported to MNHQ!

shemakesmewaitonabedofnails Wed 17-Jan-18 00:08:57

I read as overdose but you've just given me a giggle so all is forgiven. amazing. The fullness and the sexism in one. He sounds brilliant. Take one for the team and continue the convo please!!

TheSassyAssassin Wed 17-Jan-18 00:10:22

I thought overdose too but hoped it was OLD related and v relieved it was! As for that message.... well he's a keeper isn't he? hmmgrin

buddhasbelly Wed 17-Jan-18 00:12:19

@shemakes sorry I blocked him! As much as I feel MN would have benefited from further exchanges I just didn't have the energy!

Apologies again for the title.

Does anyone else have a story? Please make me feel a little less alone grin

MirriVan Wed 17-Jan-18 00:22:55

Who irons jumpers.....? grin

MsMarple Wed 17-Jan-18 00:26:15

Do you think he may have been joking?

FurCoatFurKnickers Wed 17-Jan-18 00:31:17

It's obviously a play on 'it would look better on your bedroom floor'

I would take it as someone with a wry sense of humour rather than a misogynistic comment.

I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and possibly meet up. If he is, in fact, a sexist twat then you just pop to the toilet and never return.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

bluesu Wed 17-Jan-18 00:39:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bluesu Wed 17-Jan-18 00:40:14

Oh dear I left something identifying.... report report

Loveache Wed 17-Jan-18 00:44:47

Went on an online date years ago with a man who turned up in a blue tartan suit with matching hat. He began to masturbate under the table in the coffee shop. I left. Got a string of texts calling me rude for leaving. hmm

buddhasbelly Wed 17-Jan-18 00:44:48

MsMarple and Furcoat - yes he may well have been joking but for some reason the xx's at the end just made me think eurgh! Have a date this weekend which seems a bit more promising!

blue did you say you were not hiring for the long and foreseeable future? grin

buddhasbelly Wed 17-Jan-18 00:45:43

loveache my guy seems tame now! envyeurgh!

FurCoatFurKnickers Wed 17-Jan-18 00:49:18

Went on an online date years ago with a man who turned up in a blue tartan suit with matching hat.

Dear lord, how did he even have time to start spanking the monkey. I'd have got up and left the moment he sat down in front of me shock

CheapSausagesAndSpam Wed 17-Jan-18 00:53:46

Loveache you should have reported him to the police!

FurCoatFurKnickers Wed 17-Jan-18 00:57:19

@CheapSausagesAndSpam - fashion police more like

(yes, I know that was predictable)

Loveache Wed 17-Jan-18 01:00:02

It'll go in the autobiography one day... (and I date women now!)

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Wed 17-Jan-18 01:11:08

What is OD? I don't understand the thread. What's the link with OLD?

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