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To find this vile and offensive?

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RecalibratedMilkshake Tue 16-Jan-18 12:46:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cantucciniamaretto Thu 18-Jan-18 14:13:53

Google images for belt necklace shows millions of the things. It's hardly unheard of..

LoniceraJaponica Thu 18-Jan-18 14:12:47

" People wear necklaces that look like ropes, is that any different?"

Of course it is hmm
It looks like a noose, not a loose necklace

Gottagetmoving Thu 18-Jan-18 13:58:22

I don't find it offensive, just totally stupid.

cantucciniamaretto Thu 18-Jan-18 13:46:36

Can't you see that it is in very bad taste and triggering for a lot of people? Really?

No more so than a lot of other things. People wear necklaces that look like ropes, is that any different?

MsHooliesCardigan Thu 18-Jan-18 13:43:26

I genuinely don’t get offended easily but, as a psychiatric nurse who has had to cut down 2 patients who hanged themselves on inpatient wards and looked after an 18 year old woman in the community who hanged herself in a park - with her belt- I just find this sick.

alliwantforchristmasis Thu 18-Jan-18 13:39:08

The naming and pose are very wrong but it’s a bit of fashion wear that I can’t see a lot of people buying, this is a belt would you have found it as offensive if it was a man wearing a tie with the same name and pose, as they get used more than belts as something to commit suicide with?
I do agree that it needs removing from the site and an apology posted concerning it, maybe a good will gift to the Samaritans too just a thought.

TiredConfusedMumma Thu 18-Jan-18 13:25:58

I just think it’s fashion these days.... unfortunately the world is full of offensive things

Ikanon Thu 18-Jan-18 13:23:22


LoniceraJaponica Thu 18-Jan-18 13:22:48

cantucciniamaretto Can't you see that it is in very bad taste and triggering for a lot of people? Really? hmm

cantucciniamaretto Thu 18-Jan-18 13:15:33

Hanger is the brand, not the item. Choker has been the name of a type of necklace for a long time.
I don't really get the fuss. Its expensive and ugly, but that's about it.

QuackPorridgeBacon Thu 18-Jan-18 13:10:57

People seriously think this one single item is named hanger... that’s the brand name not the name of the actual item.

FannyWisdom Thu 18-Jan-18 13:07:08

Sorry to pick on you Star but it is actually a necklace/choker that is deliberately fashioned to look like a belt which happens to be the popular item to hang oneself.
It's also branded hanger in case more was needed

I'd say this is a publicity/shock thing especially on the back of the YouTube twat.

UnicornRainbowColours Thu 18-Jan-18 12:59:11

YANBU that’s horrible

TrinitySquirrel Thu 18-Jan-18 12:54:01

I'm kinky as fuck but find the naming of it Hanger a bit vile.

Couldn't they have just called it the choker? So it was kinky not suicidey?

TrinitySquirrel Thu 18-Jan-18 12:52:31

It's NOT a belt. It's actually a bloody choker necklace!! shock

LoniceraJaponica Thu 18-Jan-18 12:49:39

“I can't believe people on this thread can't see the issue with this.”

Same here. They must be completely lacking in social awareness and empathy. This is wrong and inappropriate on any level. It was mentioned on the 6.30 news this morning.

starzig Thu 18-Jan-18 12:49:18

It is fetish wear for the more confident woman. Nothing to do with suicide (though brand name is just slightly unfortunate). Also nothing negative in the fetish scene, girls that dress fetish choose to do so and therefore are not actually submissive in the abused sense.

morningconstitutional2017 Thu 18-Jan-18 12:43:31

It looks a bit like a dog lead. Absolutely not all right.

manicmij Thu 18-Jan-18 11:03:14

There are a number of connotations to be taken from this advert - suicide, murder,sexual. Ask yourself what is it advertising. To me, all three I have mentioned. Lowest of the low advertising/marketing for ASOS.

Geordie1944 Thu 18-Jan-18 09:13:23

All fashion is pretentious, over-priced crap. Why should ASOS be any different.

Mammasmitten Thu 18-Jan-18 08:35:24

WTF! Before I clicked on the image I just thought it was a belt used as a fashion accessory. Thought, what's the big deal. Then I click on it and see that it's called hanger and has one hole at the end that makes it appear like a convenient way to attach the end to a hook. Absolutely disgusting. It blatantly conjures the image of suicide by hanging. Not something that should be trivialized and not something that should be in a mainstream shop. No everyone wants to be exposed to this kind of thing. Especially if you were close to someone who had hung themselves. Could be traumatizing. It's incredibly insensitive.

BraayTigger Wed 17-Jan-18 21:46:32

What the hell is that?! £45! I used to work for ASOS and whilst it’s full of fresh young trendy things, this is so wrong and definitely not a trend to be seen in!

IDrinkAndISewThings Wed 17-Jan-18 21:34:11

In very bad taste

MumsTheWordYouKnow Wed 17-Jan-18 21:05:57

Surely there are decency standards in advertising.

MumsTheWordYouKnow Wed 17-Jan-18 21:05:05

FFS shock

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