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To tell you about my dirty lunch?

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NancyDonahue Tue 16-Jan-18 11:09:47

I have a day at home alone today. Upon mooching around in the fridge just now, I delightedly came upon a few left over roast potatoes from Sunday lunch. I've just popped them in the oven and am planning on crushing them, adding grated cheese and smothering them in mayo.

My defence for this dirty lunch is I'm full of cold and ravenous. I deserve it.

Anyone else having a dirty lunch? What's your excuse? grin

Ginandanything Tue 16-Jan-18 11:15:27

What is a 'dirty lunch'?

What you are having sounds like 'lunch'. Which everyone deserves.

Wellfuckmeinbothears Tue 16-Jan-18 11:17:02

I don’t know if it’s dirty but I’m planning on having last nights left over chilli with tortilla chips, creme fresh and loads of cheese!

poddige Tue 16-Jan-18 11:17:38

Get some gravy on the go. Cheese & gravy. Now that's a dirty lunch.

IrkThePurist Tue 16-Jan-18 11:20:46

I'm having a Baileys coffee.

TenancyTroublesAgain Tue 16-Jan-18 11:20:58

That's not dirty. 😂 It sounds nice apart from the mayo! On roast potatoes? Oh I guess it is dirty then.

etap Tue 16-Jan-18 11:21:55

Just been eyeing up some of the leftover sherry tbh.

NancyDonahue Tue 16-Jan-18 11:23:47

It's smelling good grin. I haven't got gravy, thus the mayo! Although, I'm thinking about ketchup..

x2boys Tue 16-Jan-18 11:27:23

Sherry and Bailey's coffees at this timeshock enjoy op grin

fannyfelcher Tue 16-Jan-18 11:29:36

Im feeling really sorry for myself today so I just ate a Dirty Ronny's. Big tasty with bacon, large fries, chocolate shake and an apple pie.

I regret nothing.

minionsrule Tue 16-Jan-18 11:30:05

Funnily enough I am wfh today and was thinking earlier what to have. Not sure if it is dirty but got some grated cheese and mayo so going to go out later to buy some barms and a bag of walkers cheese and onion crisps and will have cheese, mayo and crisp barms
Sooo looking forward to it

OuchBollocks Tue 16-Jan-18 11:32:04

Me and the baby are going to have gnocchi in butter and cheese, with chopped bacon and peas mixed through. Carbs and fat and fat and carbs grin no bacon for the baby obvs.

MrsMotherHen Tue 16-Jan-18 11:32:43

Am thinking of pitta bread sticks salsa and grilled halloumi yummmmmm

CheapSausagesAndSpam Tue 16-Jan-18 11:33:29

YABU to call it dirty.

It always slightly disgusts me that saying. It reminds me of food that's been shat on or something.

Iamagreyhoundhearmeroar Tue 16-Jan-18 11:34:00

Stop putting the words dirty or cheeky in front of food. It's just food. Potatoes? Unless you've actually scrabbled through the bin to recycle them confused

Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 16-Jan-18 11:36:16

Some of you need to unclench

Booboobooboo84 Tue 16-Jan-18 11:38:28

If you want to get really dirty mix the tommy k and the mayo. Just mmmm

Magicmoments22 Tue 16-Jan-18 11:38:38

I thought you meant you had dropped it on the floor or the cat had got to it.

amusedbush Tue 16-Jan-18 11:38:38

Some of you need to unclench


GetOffTheTableMabel Tue 16-Jan-18 11:39:38

I had leftover mashed potato with huge amounts of butter for breakfast. I am a little bit sorry. But only a little bit.

Aki99 Tue 16-Jan-18 11:39:51

don't unclench near the food - then it truly will be dirty!!!

x2boys Tue 16-Jan-18 11:40:30


NancyDonahue Tue 16-Jan-18 11:41:35

I'm going in

Angelicinnocent Tue 16-Jan-18 11:42:32

Corned beef sandwich with salt and vinegar crisps. Not quite as good as potted meat with salt and vinegar crisps but I've run out.

Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 16-Jan-18 11:42:34


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