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Anyone else still up drinking wine on own and feeling sorry for themselves?

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beentopark Sun 14-Jan-18 01:11:06

Just wondering... had a bad day

BastardGoDarkly Sun 14-Jan-18 01:13:23

Sounds shit op, want to talk about it? wine

A580Hojas Sun 14-Jan-18 01:13:26

I'm still up but not drinking. Sorry you've had a bad day.

leaveituntiltomorrow Sun 14-Jan-18 01:23:49

I’m on gin but yeah gin

ThisLittleKitty Sun 14-Jan-18 01:24:23

I'm up and feeling sorry for myself but no wine unfortunately (wish there was.)

Sparklingbrook Sun 14-Jan-18 01:25:55

I can't sleep. Got lots going on, and my brain won't switch off. No alcohol though.

beentopark Sun 14-Jan-18 01:26:15

Thanks for your replies x

Just everything really.. not sure where to begin!
Mainly issues with ex at the moment. But there are other things too.

I feel that when I get through my day it’s like an act of pretending to be ‘normal’ when I feel anything but.

beentopark Sun 14-Jan-18 01:27:31

Hence the need to crack open the wine at the end of the day

Lightheartedindeed Sun 14-Jan-18 02:05:03

24 hours ago I was there!
This morning I was over it, hope you are ok

beentopark Sun 14-Jan-18 02:13:53

I’m tired of the pretence and I’ve lost me,
I’m really really tired of the acting and the effort of surviving
House is getting messier and my fingernails are gripping on the edge of a cliff
Is what it feels like

CrestedTit Sun 14-Jan-18 02:20:27

I'm up drinking hot milk with a shot of whisky in the hope that it'll help me sleep..

It's weird how a messy house can make things seem worse, even though it doesn't matter really.

What's the issue with the ex? (If you want to talk about it)

hollowtree Sun 14-Jan-18 02:25:57

Also up. Also feeling sorry for myself! But no wine.

SadKitty86 Sun 14-Jan-18 02:29:20

Baileys (left over from Christmas) is the strongest I've got. So I'm nursing a baileys coffee right now grin

BulletFox Sun 14-Jan-18 02:40:18

Ohhh I don't have any wine, alas! But am awake.

ZebraDoodles Sun 14-Jan-18 02:41:38

Yep. This evening one of my front teeth fell out. Chemo has fucked my teeth. Dentist on Monday.
Hope that's the only one, but fear there maybe a couple more.
I didn't know chemo affected teeth. My dentist says it's common.
DH says it's ok. A false tooth or two but that's ok because I'm alive. He's absolutely right. Was a shock though.

BulletFox Sun 14-Jan-18 02:44:10

Sorry zebra

I should imagine it's like 'why are you fucking with my teeth, chemo? Leave them alone!'

3kidsnomore Sun 14-Jan-18 02:48:12

im up drinking vodka,my dad died unexpectedly recently my emotions are everywhere and everything makes me angry therefore i cant really is cruel.i hope you're ok

ZebraDoodles Sun 14-Jan-18 02:49:33

Yep. It's like 'Seriously, enough now!'
It just fell out! Doesn't hurt, but it just fell out! Fucking hell, wasn't expecting that.
I keep going to look in the mirror and I'm like WTF.
Wine is helping.

ZebraDoodles Sun 14-Jan-18 02:50:32

flowers 3kids

BulletFox Sun 14-Jan-18 02:51:15

Sorry 3kids

beentopark Sun 14-Jan-18 02:54:40

Sorry to hear that Zebra, not surprised that was a shock. Hope you are ok x Looks like there are a few of us still up then

Wine supply has run out now - probably for the best. But still very much awake.
Ooh bailey’s sounds good, LOVE Baileys.

beentopark Sun 14-Jan-18 02:57:54

So sorry 3kids flowers

3kidsnomore Sun 14-Jan-18 02:58:03

i watched him being worked on by the paramedics i saw him die all 5 hours after i had said good night to a seemingly healthy man,an absolute head fuck.if ive learnt anything its dont sweat over the small stuff it means nothing in the grand scheme of things x

ZebraDoodles Sun 14-Jan-18 03:04:27

Yeah I'm ok smile 3kids has it right, don't sweat over the small stuff it means nothing in the grand scheme of things
I've been watching movies online. Watched Lion again, sometimes it's good to prompt a cry, that film makes for a good cry, iykwim.

3kidsnomore Sun 14-Jan-18 03:42:14

beentopark,im the same.the effort to motivate myself is hard to the point i cleaned the bathroom today for the first time in 3 weeks but today has been a good one tomorrow may not be.ive given up trying to control my emotions im just letting my body do what it needs to x

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