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Wizards from our childhood.

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mummmy2017 Sat 13-Jan-18 20:18:28

I told my DD there was a wizard from my childhood, Ali Bonga.. did I get it right or not.
She thinks Harry potter was the best ever.

Bea Sat 13-Jan-18 20:19:53

Yes! Ali Bongo... Who was actually married to Victoria wood!

Ethelswith Sat 13-Jan-18 20:21:29

Tarot in 'The Ace of Wands'

The best ever theme music

SlowlyShrinking Sat 13-Jan-18 20:22:06

I thought it was the great suprendo who was married to VW? Or is it the same person?

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Sat 13-Jan-18 20:22:27


Willow2017 Sat 13-Jan-18 20:23:15

Victoria wood was married to
The Great Suprendo not Ali Bongo.😀

mummmy2017 Sat 13-Jan-18 20:23:37

Oh and The Worst Witch yeah that was NEW and a knock of of Harry Potter.

Willow2017 Sat 13-Jan-18 20:23:59

Soprendo ..stupid phone.

Leilaniiii Sat 13-Jan-18 20:24:15

The best wizard ever was Catweezle!

RobinHumphries Sat 13-Jan-18 20:27:27


Willow2017 Sat 13-Jan-18 20:27:38


ReinettePompadour Sat 13-Jan-18 20:29:11

Catweezle for me too. Grotbags was obviously the best witch grin

MoonfaceAndSilky Sat 13-Jan-18 20:36:16

Loved The worst witch can't believe J K Rowling didn't get sued for ripping it off.

Bea Sat 13-Jan-18 23:40:24

Whoops! blush

SavvyBlancBlonde Sat 13-Jan-18 23:43:00

Was there not a witch in Rentaghost?

UnmentionedElephantDildo Sun 14-Jan-18 08:22:53

"Was there not a witch in Rentaghost?"

Yes, played by -Audrey Sue Nicholls

Duchy0fGrandFenwick Sun 14-Jan-18 08:25:29

Wizadora grin

SavvyBlancBlonde Sun 14-Jan-18 10:57:17

Thank you Unmentioned 😃 - knew there was!

Got my DC to watch Dungeons and Dragons cartoon today - Presto with the green wizard hat. They loved it!

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