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To ask if you drive a Ford Tourneo or other 8/9 seater van style people carrier who insures you?

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HeartOfPack Sat 13-Jan-18 20:14:29

Car just been written off, only have the courtesy car for a week so in a flap and panic.

We are looking at the Ford Tourneo but general googling implies it's nearly impossible to insure as its technically a commercial vehicle.

We will only use it for social/domestic (no commuting)

Anyone drive one or similar and can guide me on which insurance companies and how much it costs to insure?

Thank you!

VeganIan Sat 13-Jan-18 20:22:42

Initially Ford direct insurance was £200-300 whereas anyone else who would touch it wanted £1500+++ However this year I think we are with Admiral.

HeartOfPack Sat 13-Jan-18 20:28:37

thanks veganlan - good to know admiral will insure it, that is who i am currently with so i can call them and see if they can give me an idea of cost.

My current insurance for my 7 seater toyota previa was £250 so if i can get it anywhere near £2-300 that would be amazing and make it a really viable option for us.

(on a side note - do you recommend it as a car? how is it to handle/park etc? we're between getting a Seat Alhambra and the Ford Tourneo at the moment - hard decision!!)

HeartOfPack Sat 13-Jan-18 21:58:22


anyone else?

countingkids123 Sat 13-Jan-18 22:31:30

We have a vw caravelle which is a 7 seater and Admiral insure us. I see a fair few torneos near us as there are a large proportion of larger families, so wouldn’t have thought it was an issue to insure. Isn’t it classed as a car for mot purposes etc?

HeartOfPack Sat 13-Jan-18 22:45:13

will phone admiral tomorrow and see if they can give me an idea.

my googling isnt giving me particularly clear info as it keeps giving me 'van' info and i cant seem find an answer on private use of such a large vehicle.

Samcro Sat 13-Jan-18 22:58:59

only opened this thread as I am looking at one this week...its a WAV

VeganIan Sun 14-Jan-18 16:06:27

Have you tried Ford Insure?

I do recommend it, there's a few of us with them round here. It's dead easy to park - has a smaller turning circle than our other car. We've got parking sensors which also helps! It's so much bigger than an Alhambra.

AtiaoftheJulii Sun 14-Jan-18 16:08:43

We used to have a 9 seater Tourneo (I still miss it) - insured with Wrightsure.

AtiaoftheJulii Sun 14-Jan-18 16:15:13

My current insurance for my 7 seater toyota previa was £250 so if i can get it anywhere near £2-300 that would be amazing - I'd be amazed too, I'm afraid!

Counts as a car for MOT/going over Severn Crossing!/etc purposes, but needed to be insured by specialist commercial vehicle companies due to the 9 seats. None of the standard insurance companies will have it in their database.

Before the Tourneo we had a Bongo, now have a Berlingo - insurance for the Tourneo was about 3x either of them.

neddle Sun 14-Jan-18 16:30:01

We've got a vw transporter with 9 seats and have to use minibus insurance due to the number of seats.

HeartOfPack Sun 14-Jan-18 17:12:47

we will be getting an 8 seat not a 9 which brings it in to MPV for insurance rather than commerical i hope.

thanks for the replies. done some more googling and with the difference in tax and MPG from our old car it should only be about £200 more a year overall i think!

AtiaoftheJulii Sun 14-Jan-18 17:32:08

Yes, 8 seater will be cheaper, that sounds good! smile We wanted the 9 so we could take a row out and have six seats and lots of space for stuff.

HeartOfPack Sun 14-Jan-18 17:39:33

i'd love the 9 seater but a compromise has to be reached somewhere and i cant afford commercial insurance rates!!

Stopyourmessingaround Sun 14-Jan-18 17:39:54

We've got a Tourneo 8-seater. They are fab and loads of room. We're insured with Brentacre – about £500, which is cheaper than our old Smax. They're a camper van/unusual car insurer and are also happy for you to take out seats etc, which other insurers wouldn't allow.
I think they're based in Cardiff. The number is 01792 650 933.

girlwhowearsglasses Sun 14-Jan-18 18:04:34

What? Insurers don’t like you taking seats out?? That’s mental (have a Touran and sometimes take a few seats out depending what we’re doing )

HeartOfPack Sun 14-Jan-18 18:58:08

i will look with ford insure and brentacre. thank you.

never heard about not being able to take seats out though? i always drove my previa with one seat missing for easy access to the rear row for the DC.

countingkids123 Tue 16-Jan-18 12:22:37

Seriously, we are not allowed to take seats out? Where does it say that? The whole point of the Caravelle, to me, is that you can configure the seats how you like. We’ve taken one of them out, plus the table, so there’s less weight to the car (fuel consumption bonus) and also to give us all extra room inside (even bigger bonus for me when it’s pouring down with rain because we can all clamber in and get sorted without getting soaked in the process). The only downside for me is that when I went to move Ds1 to a stage 1,2,3 seat the In Car Safety Centre told me he couldn’t have the captains chair facing backwards for travelling because the 5 point harness isn’t tested for safety in that position. So having the extra seat stored in the garage gives me the space I would have had if the 2 middle seats were facing backwards

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