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To think a basic potty will be just fine

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ObiJuanKenobi Sat 13-Jan-18 09:07:50

I have no experience with potties or potty training so I'm just going off what I would have had as a child. I'm more than happy to be told otherwise.

We are starting to think about potty training DTs and I mentioned to my mum I was going to pick up a potty over the weekend, when she started telling me I simply must get this all singing all dancing fancy one her friends grandchild used. Apparently it sings and gives praise with lights and makes the whole process really easy.

I was planning on just getting a basic plastic potty or two.

AIBU to think not everything has to be all singing all dancing state of the art to be fit for purpose?

If IABU can you please recommend a 'modern' potty? grin

Shredtheevidence Sat 13-Jan-18 09:11:34

Seriously it is a piece of plastic they piss and poo in. My only advice is to check it doesn't tip too easily when they stand up/sit down.
If grandparent wants it they can buy it for their house (and deal with the extra fiddly cleaning)

RicStar Sat 13-Jan-18 09:11:57

Basic is fine. Some are shaped better for boys than others - so if you have a boy you might want to think about that. Good luck.

ObiJuanKenobi Sat 13-Jan-18 09:13:19

Yes two boys! What shape should we look out for?

jaseyraex Sat 13-Jan-18 09:14:04

I'm 4 days in on potty training with a very basic plastic potty and it's going relatively well! I'm sure you can give as much praise on your own as a bloody singing potty can. YANBU. The only fancy thing about mine if that it's a specific "boys potty", apparently they're shaped a bit differently.

silvousplaitmerci Sat 13-Jan-18 09:14:55

Yeah buy the cheapest potty.

I'm glad I did because my DD refused to use it and went straight for the toilet

werewolfhowls Sat 13-Jan-18 09:15:12

The ones with a middle you can take out to empty and clean are best and still cheap. Think ikea does a good one

BlackeyedSusan Sat 13-Jan-18 09:15:13

for boys a big sticky up bit at the front, as wide as possible.

look for sturdiness. if they rock backwards they do not need to collapse the hole at the back.

werewolfhowls Sat 13-Jan-18 09:16:14

The ikea one was sturdy and fine for two boys here

ColinFlower Sat 13-Jan-18 09:16:40

A basic one has always been fine for us. If you can get one that has a higher guard at the front then that is a bit better for boys. Although with my second I found it easier to pretty much go straight to the toilet and avoid the potty.

You can also get portable toilet seats that are good for whilst out and about.

ObiJuanKenobi Sat 13-Jan-18 09:17:33

Oh good thank you.
We got the IKEA high chairs from recommendations on here so will definitely have a look. I had no idea about the shape for the boys but definitely makes sense.

I'm glad I don't need another large bit of plastic with flashing lights and loud noises in the house too grin

Eminybob Sat 13-Jan-18 09:17:41

I got a potty, toilet seat and step in the Aldi baby event.
Brilliant, do the job, nice and sturdy and cheap as chips.
Tbh you will only use the potty for a short time, you want to encourage going on the toilet as soon as possible, so a bit pointless getting a fancy expensive one.

Madonnasmum Sat 13-Jan-18 09:18:04

I think boys ones have are a bit higher at the front to act as a shield. It sticks out like a pencil when full of wee so the just need to make sure it's pointing down!
I bought loads of cheap potties, one upstairs, downstairs, one for grandparents and one for the car for days out.

merrychristmasyafilthyanimal Sat 13-Jan-18 09:18:09

I always think those fancy ones look really difficult to clean, but I wouldn't know for sure as I just brought DS a few of those basic green ikea potties and dotted them about the house so he always had one nearby.

Nomad86 Sat 13-Jan-18 09:18:41

Basic is fine! You can use a reward chart or something to encourage them although perhaps if they're quite competitive that will be enough.

PumpkinPie2016 Sat 13-Jan-18 09:20:41

We used a basic cheap one for our son - did the job perfectly!

He didn't use it for long before he was using the toilet anyway so I'm glad I didn't spend a lot.

UrbaneSprawl Sat 13-Jan-18 09:21:01

Flashing lights and music? What the actual chuff? It was hard enough to persuade mine to graduate to the real loo as it was - imagine the anticlimax if you went for a potty with bells and whistles.

Ikea ‘Lockig’ did us fine. Six quid, job done. Seat and step in same range when they get bigger. Bought one of those collapsible/portable jobs too (about 20 quid), used it about twice having carted it around for six months - don’t bother!

Llangollen Sat 13-Jan-18 09:21:42

It depends on the child. One of mine didn't seem to like his cheap potty, but was happy in his potty chair - not a fancy one with music. They are easy to clean, just remove the insert.
Another one of mine refused potties full stop, and only wanted to seat on the toilet.

I wish I had discovered potettes for my first, they are so useful, highly recommended too.

WindyWednesday Sat 13-Jan-18 09:23:30

Easy to clean is vital.

Also whatever you choose, buy two and have one upstairs and one downstairs. Then you avoid the drama over only wanting to use the red potty or whatever.

Also for travel a pottette is wonderful. The liners are biodegradable and it folds up in a bag or is a travel loo seat. We still keep one in the car for emergencies and on long car journeys it’s been great.

WindyWednesday Sat 13-Jan-18 09:25:19

Yes, potty chair we had. You remove the middle. The DC are tall and even at 2 yrs the cheap potty was too low and they fell over on it, with it.

I took them to mothercare and asked them to choose the potty and the pants.

TwinklyGiraffe Sat 13-Jan-18 09:27:26

Just use the toilet. No real need for a potty!

TickleMcTickleFace Sat 13-Jan-18 09:31:49

Get the Ikea two part one!! It’s got a white base and a green bowl which you can take out to pour the contents down the loo. I hate the traditional potty as when you go to empty it the piss pours everywhere! Or maybe that’s just me hmmconfused

NoWittyNamesAvailable Sat 13-Jan-18 09:34:28

Mothercare potty £4! Has a high bit in the front too so his willy doesn't stick out. We have 2 of them, they are sturdy and easy to clean.

Llangollen Sat 13-Jan-18 09:35:01

Some kids are a bit scared of the toilets, so I wouldn't reject the idea of a potty. It can be hard enough to potty train, you want to make your life as easy as possible.

ObiJuanKenobi Sat 13-Jan-18 09:42:49

Thank you so much very helpful!

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