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Has anyone ever had a sterilisation reversed?

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PrinceofWales Sat 13-Jan-18 07:43:28

Posting for traffic.

I had DS in May 17 and was sterilised during the section. Since then I've regretted it for various reasons. I'm in more pain now around ovulation and I ache a lot more on the left side. I've also realised that I would like one more child.

Has anyone had one reversed privately? I wouldn't expect the NHS to do it in my case though would like to hear your experience if you have?

Suenahmi Sat 13-Jan-18 07:48:51

I had s sterilisation reversal 10 years after my sterilisation. It was successful, I now have two more children. I had no adverse effects from the sterilisation, I had it reversed because I wanted another baby.
The reversal is a 'bigger' surgery than the sterilisation was, involving open rather than laporoscopic surgery. It has to be done privately and I think cost around £3000.
There is something called post sterilisation syndrome (I think?). If you Google it, there are a few online support groups in America. The women report similar symptoms to you.

PrinceofWales Sat 13-Jan-18 07:50:31

That's helpful, thank you * Suenahmi* smile

PrinceofWales Sat 13-Jan-18 10:55:44

Anyone else?

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