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Estate agents unwell

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Febuable Sat 13-Jan-18 04:11:16

I was a bit fed up with the estate agents who manage the property we have just rented and may have been a bit rude on the phone. Was I being unreasonable?

Apparently they are all off sick, though we've managed to talk to 3 different people over the past few days (none sounding ill). We got the keys 3 weeks ago, and an info pack saying they'd informed all services and ctax that we'd moved in and so no need for us to do it. Well, they hadn't and still haven't 3 weeks later, nor have they transferred our deposit to the Dep Protection Scheme. Nor have they provided the promised extra keys and inventory (which we were supposed to get the day after we moved in).Nor were the carpets steam cleaned before we moved in (though they claim they were). So I phoned up today and asked the girl who actually showed us the property who the service providers were so that I could contact them myself and she said "It's not my area of expertise." and claimed we were low priority on their list as some properties were without gas and electricity....She said someone would get back to me on Monday. They've had 3 weeks to notify the gas and electricity, and the council tax was still in previous occupants name when we phoned today. I paid over £300 admin fee on top of reference check fees and the only admin they've done is photocopy the tenency agreement and partly answer one email. So...I may have sounded a bit cross on the phone. Is this all trivial or would it annoy you too?

HuskyMcClusky Sat 13-Jan-18 04:23:45

YANBU. That would annoy the shit out of me.

Febuable Sat 13-Jan-18 04:23:54

Sorry...dull topic I know. Not really expecting replies...just venting.

Febuable Sat 13-Jan-18 04:28:16

HuskyMcClusky..phew..I thought it was just me. Dp thought I was overreacting. I didn't say anything actually rude but I just sounded pretty pissed off when listing everything they haven't yet done...

IDismyname Sat 13-Jan-18 04:56:25

I would ask to see the invoice for the carpet cleaning and inventory taking as proof it's been done.

Sorry to hear the agents are so awful. Can't remember how long they have to deposit the money in the L Protection Scheme. It's not that long... maybe a month.

Any chance you can contact the Landlord directly? We pay what seems like huge sums of money to the agents overseeing our BTL, and would be mortified to discover that stuff like this had been going on.

I think you're quite justified in getting angry. Can you go and see the agents?

Flashinggreen Sat 13-Jan-18 05:02:31

I agree that’s crap, they’re not doing what you or the landlord will have paid them for.

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 13-Jan-18 05:07:23

Put all of your grievances down in writing on an email. Include times/days you phoned to complain. This may be useful at check out.

Having a copy of the inventory is important so that you can dispute it if you find discrepancies. If you haven’t seen it yet, that could render it nul and void but you’d need clarification from the cab on that.

As for not letting the utilities etc know, you are supposed to do it within a month but I wouldn’t be too worried about that from a legal perspective. As for your deposit, if it’s in an insurance based scheme, they must lodge it within 30 days. I’m not sure about the other sort of scheme. Again, the cab could tell you.

If they are not fulfilling the service, I’d be questioning if they are entitled to all your money.

Letting agents can be real gits. I’m a landlady. My agent has in the past made me look like a bad landlord. Ie not passing on maintenance issues, not carrying out maintenance when it’s been authorised. That was addressed obviously.

daisychain01 Sat 13-Jan-18 05:37:16

Feb the agency sounds appalling and incompetent.

I would commit that list of outstanding tasks they haven't attended to and send it to them in letter format by email ASAP. That would be the first part of the process of lodging a format complaint.

I would state in your letter that if you don't hear back from them within 5 working days that they have completed all actions then you will have no alternative but to take your complaint to the Property Ombudsman.

Here's the outline process:

daisychain01 Sat 13-Jan-18 05:38:48

Sorry losing a formal complaint.

Sorry - but your DH is too tolerant of incompetence, just as well you are on the ball!

mtpaektu Sat 13-Jan-18 06:00:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Archip17 Sat 13-Jan-18 06:10:44

By law they also need to protect your deposit within 30 days, or you can claim compensation

Crackers1288 Sat 13-Jan-18 06:11:36

I think it is a month that they have to protect your deposit in a scheme.

My letting agents didn’t protect my deposit for about 6 months, and at the end of my tenancy were being awkward about giving my deposit back.
I managed to get a template of an official letter stating that the deposit wasn’t protected in time and what I could claim back against them (deposit plus compensation)

Funnily enough they had the deposit back in my account within 48 hours.

I think I found the template on shelter, though can’t remember for sure.

ForalltheSaints Sat 13-Jan-18 06:48:18

Another argument as to why there should be proper regulation of estate agents. Which the Blair government ducked.

MrsPicklesonSmythe Sat 13-Jan-18 07:56:31

Not acceptable at all. Agree you should put everything in writing, requesting written responses within a number of days.
I’d bet your landlord doesn’t know what’s going on, they’ll also be paying these useless agents a fortune to do their job and wouldn’t be happy to find your deposit unprotected 3 weeks down the line.

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 13-Jan-18 08:04:53

As a landlord I also pay £300 for a new tenancy. So yes, I wouldn’t be happy either.

Collaborate Sat 13-Jan-18 08:26:58

Speak to the landlord. I presume they'll be just as concerned. Get photographic evidence of the condition of the property, especially the carpets.

Febuable Sat 13-Jan-18 09:44:15

Thanks everyone. We already emailed a list of issues they hadn't dealt with before discovering the ctax etc hadn't yet been informed about us. To add to the list, the walls have black dust marks around where the previous tenant's furniture resided (not sure if I should expect the "deep clean" to have cleaned those, but I will take photos and forward to the agency). They also stated that the previous tenant had left a quite large item in the garden and asked if we could get rid of it as the landlord had wanted it to be removed! They're having a laugh!

NoBallsHere Sat 13-Jan-18 09:49:25

Since you’ve emailed already, I’d suggest popping in today to their offices with a list which you read out to them loudly, and leave them a copy.
Should be busy on a Saturday. wink

specialsubject Sat 13-Jan-18 10:11:36

All these responsibilities are with the landlord. You have no contract with the letting agent. Demand landlord contact details and inform him or her.

If the deposit doesn't get protected soon the landlord is exposed to you suing them with no defence. So they will want to know. Have you had all the other paperwork - how to rent, gas safe, epc?

specialsubject Sat 13-Jan-18 10:12:39

Oh, and take control with utilities and council. Will take you ten minutes.

Febuable Sat 13-Jan-18 10:38:32

Yep, we've done ctax now but the agent couldn't tell me who the utilities are with, so waiting for them to let me know!

LakieLady Sat 13-Jan-18 13:37:04

As a landlord I also pay £300 for a new tenancy

Hang on, have I got this right? Both landlord and tenant pay £300 for a new tenancy agreement? When all the agents have to do is change the names and dates on a bog-standard document?

The fees they charge tenants are ludicrous, but I had no idea that they're milking landlords as well.

LakieLady Sat 13-Jan-18 13:39:59

There's a number you can ring to find out who supplies the utilities to your address.

I used to have it in my work phone, but for some reason it isn't in my new one.

Renniehorta Sat 13-Jan-18 13:44:23

Letting agents can be appalling. I am the landlord of one property (I inherited it) and the number of times I was lied to and made to feel stressed out by the agent that I was employing was incredible. My tenant begged me to manage the property myself. This was after she had suffered at the hands of a different agent. I now manage myself and both my tenant and I are much happier.

How can they get away with such incompetence?

timeisnotaline Sat 13-Jan-18 13:44:32

Your dp is way too tolerant. I agree with the suggestions here. If they are ill (not too confident they are) then sometimes that exposes them to legal/ formal compensation and redress. Tough.

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