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What is your mortgage payment?

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HaggisMcNeepyFace Fri 12-Jan-18 20:11:09

On the back of the thread about wages, where a couple of posters have said that what constitutes a good salary depends partly on how much your mortgage is, just wondering what mortgage people pay per month?

DP and I pay 1800 a month which I think must be quite a lot... it takes a big chunk of our salaries!

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Fri 12-Jan-18 20:12:28

Mine is less than £300.

But my house is valued at less than £100k, it’s not that I’ve paid off a huge chunk.

£1800 a month is only £400 less than my monthly salary.

MongerTruffle Fri 12-Jan-18 20:13:57

£600 per month, about 20% of our combined salaries
We also put away about £200 a month to pay off our Help to Buy equity loan later. We live in the East of England (location is always relevant).

Deadlylampshade Fri 12-Jan-18 20:14:34

We pay £800 a month but the actual mortgage is £325 we overpay.

Chienrouge Fri 12-Jan-18 20:14:56

£1050 a month. About 20% of monthly income.

MsVestibule Fri 12-Jan-18 20:15:32

About £350pm, interest only. But TBH, this is pretty meaningless without knowing what our household income is.

BuzzKillington Fri 12-Jan-18 20:16:19

£320 blush

I don't know why we don't overpay.

steff13 Fri 12-Jan-18 20:17:13

$878. My house is valued at $147K.

AgathaMystery Fri 12-Jan-18 20:17:25

£680. Almost paid off.

Nquartz Fri 12-Jan-18 20:18:17

£608 a month, overpay by £505. House worth c. £185k & £90k left on the mortgage.
Our total income is c. £2,900

SleeplessInSc0tlNd Fri 12-Jan-18 20:18:35

£300 a month and we overpay by another £100. Less than 10% of our monthly income but we are not in a big city: house prices are relatively more affordable

user7654321 Fri 12-Jan-18 20:19:02

£1700 a month for us, which is about 25-30% of our combined take home pay

Butternutsqoosh Fri 12-Jan-18 20:19:14

I only have a BTL mortgage on interest only £550 per month but my rent is £1700 for where I live, but apparently I don't earn enough for my own residential mortgage 🙄

TrinitySquirrel Fri 12-Jan-18 20:20:13

£580 pm on a £110k mortgage. Stuck with Nram and can't remortgage for a few years due to shit credit.

c3pu Fri 12-Jan-18 20:20:15

A little bit under 25% of my net monthly take home.

honeylulu Fri 12-Jan-18 20:20:18

None. Paid it off a few years ago. I do appreciate how lucky we are

SarahBeeney Fri 12-Jan-18 20:21:17

£760 a month repayment.
I owe 155k and the house is worth approx 600k.
Although there is a lot of equity I feel like I've been paying the mortgage for every and have a very long time left on it. I went interest only for a few years and it really set me back.

Mary1935 Fri 12-Jan-18 20:21:20

Deadly lampshade - are you on interest only? As we had a mortgage got £185.000 and its £800 repayment. I would like to over pay but they I can't afford it - my friend overlays by £100 each month and its made q big difference.

fieldfox Fri 12-Jan-18 20:21:26

£650 a month. House worth £120k ish

Mumoftwoyoungkids Fri 12-Jan-18 20:21:28

Nothing any more. We paid it off back in 2014. grin

For anyone who is overpaying but feeling like they will never make a dent in it - we felt like that and then all of a sudden we realised that the amount we owed was not that much. Pretty much overnight we went from the mortgage owning us to us knowing “we’ve got this”.

Very very nice when we got it paid off.

Helped along the way by some good / bad luck - dh was made redundant illegally and we found a kick-arse solicitor who scared them into giving us money. That covered about 12% of the original amount or 25% of what was left (had already paid off about half).

Nobody knows except my parents and Mumsnet.

Batmanwearspants Fri 12-Jan-18 20:21:34

1400 a month, about 40% of our combined income.

xXKXx Fri 12-Jan-18 20:22:10

£500 per month

GrapesAreMyJam Fri 12-Jan-18 20:22:47

Around £1300. It's about 15% of our monthly income

littlepeas Fri 12-Jan-18 20:23:12

£1449. 18% of monthly income.

RavenLG Fri 12-Jan-18 20:23:51

£607 about 20% of our monthly average earnings (DP will often make more if he works away). We have just gotten the mortgage though so will probably start overpaying by £200ish monthly

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