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Cats waking me at night

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Tinkofhousepan Tue 09-Jan-18 17:59:06

Firstly I know IABU, as it is my furry overlords every right to bend me to their wills... however, I haven't had a night of undisturbed sleep in over 3 years. My big girl (5) has always been quite good and slept in her own bed, but the little one will not sleep anywhere other than with me! Every morning at 5 she wakes me with the song of her people, to let me know she has safely returned from her morning poo. She will also wake me 2-4 times in the night for no apparent reason other than she is lonely and wants strokes. I love her to death, (found her when she was 2 weeks old in a box in the street) but I'm actually feeling like the zombies from the walking dead are livelier than me now. Can't shut her out otherwise she cries for hours outside my door. I know nothing can really be done about this but I needed a vent! Do any of yours do the same? And how do you combat It??

kaytee87 Tue 09-Jan-18 18:01:42

Sounds like my 17mo. Don't know what to suggest but not sure I'd put up with that and I say that as an animal lover.

whyOhWhyOh Tue 09-Jan-18 18:05:10

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

mirime Tue 09-Jan-18 18:05:45

We just had to lock them out and wait for them to get used to it. Took a couple of weeks.

BulletFox Tue 09-Jan-18 18:06:41

Aww in a box, Tink?

usedtogotomars Tue 09-Jan-18 18:06:43

I sympathise tink

I don’t know ... one of mine is awful for night miaowing, I hate it. I boot him out between May and September unless it’s raining but I’m not sure.

Tinkofhousepan Tue 09-Jan-18 18:06:52

I certainly will not be drowning her in a canal!!!! confused

MirriVan Tue 09-Jan-18 18:07:25

Sprinkle orange peel on your duvet?
I used to chuck stuff at mine if he came to bother me in the night.
He soon stopped.....

PuppyMonkey Tue 09-Jan-18 18:07:32

I have to lock both of mine in the back porch and little entrance bit that leads into my kitchen. I don't literally lock them in, I just close the door to kitchen and they can't open it.

I can't hear them from my bedroom when they moan. They have comfy beds and access to the kitty litter in back porch - they've got used to it and are fine now. It's cosy there, with a radiator that comes on in morning.

Leviticus Tue 09-Jan-18 18:07:47

Mine sleep in the garage bad cat parent. No need for a sack.

MrsStinkey Tue 09-Jan-18 18:08:42

Are they outdoor cats? I have a cat flap on my back door and close my kitchen door so my 2 can get outside and into their beds in the kitchen. I couldn't bear them coming into my room and waking me up. They'll get used to being locked out your room after a couple of weeks and it'll be well worth it for you.

Tinkofhousepan Tue 09-Jan-18 18:08:46

Yes bullet she was so tiny. I think that's why she is so attached. I love that she wants to be with me all the time. But OMG I need sleep

Merryoldgoat Tue 09-Jan-18 18:09:23

When my kitten was like this (years ago) I started feeding her late just before I went to sleep and that helped her sleep longer.

Could you get one of those auto feeders to go off with half the breakfast in the middle of the night? Might keep them settled.

crazycatgal Tue 09-Jan-18 18:09:50

Maybe get a feliway? It might make her feel more comfortable so she won't keep waking you up for cuddles.

IntoTheFloodAgain Tue 09-Jan-18 18:10:21

Aww returning safely from her pio grin
Do you have a fluffy blanket or anything that could be ‘her’ on the bed?
All three of mine take turns sleeping on it throughout the day.

Could she be hungry? Have you ever got up in the middle of night when she wakes you? It could be her bowl is empty, maybe try putting an additional bowl of food or water out.

Other than that, really it’s down to you to fit sleep in around your kitty grin

Tinkofhousepan Tue 09-Jan-18 18:10:42

mrs yes they go outside, but when I am at home she is like my shadow. Sadly I don't have the option of blocking off my bedroom from where the flap is in the hall otherwise I'd try it

catlovingdoctor Tue 09-Jan-18 18:12:23

Awww it's out of love!!

Pains me to say it- but sadly one day (hopefully very far away and after many happy years)- you will have to say goodbye to your lovely kitty. Make the most of every single moment.

IntoTheFloodAgain Tue 09-Jan-18 18:13:00

*her spot on the bed

Tinkofhousepan Tue 09-Jan-18 18:13:09

Haha intotheflood I had a blanket. Which is now her blanket. She suckles and kneeds on it when we are in bed. I've tried putting it outside my door but she still cries to be let in. They always have dry food down so I don't think she is hungry. She is just an attention monster

retirednow Tue 09-Jan-18 18:13:36

Ear defenders. I often used to get up and make a bed up on the sofa just to keep kitty happy, 😐 in hindsight that was not the best solution.

Plump82 Tue 09-Jan-18 18:14:55

Welcome to my world except im coming up for 11 years 😂
I dont have many places my cat can go during the night as shes not allowed in the living room at night and i live in a flat and shes a house cat.
I tried shutting her out and she scratched and scratched and scratched and SCRATCHED!!!
Shes now taken to sleeping right up the top of the bed inbetween me and and my partner so my 4-5 hours sleep isnt even in comfort. Im a pushover i know.

Tinkofhousepan Tue 09-Jan-18 18:15:18

retired that's a good idea!! I will have to try that!

doomclaw Tue 09-Jan-18 18:17:37

I have just had this over the last couple of weeks. There doesn't seem to be anything else wrong with him so got a feliway plug in. Used it last night and was undisturbed.

retirednow Tue 09-Jan-18 18:17:46

What, the ear defenders or the sofa,😁

IntoTheFloodAgain Tue 09-Jan-18 18:18:55

aww bless her, she just wants to let you know she’s still there!

Have you tried pretending to be asleep when she cries? Our first cat used to wake us up very early but I’m a heavy sleeper most days so she eventually gave up. She still comes for cuddles and licks our faces in the night but she does it quietly lol

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