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AIBU to spend my Christmas Bonus on Lego? :)

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Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 10:42:13

30 years old and have got an unexpected bonus of £ it crazy to blow it on a big lego set?

It is I know...I just wanted a moment to dream
sad Adulting is hard.

meowchi Fri 22-Dec-17 10:43:21

Get the fishing village and save the rest ;)

StupidSlimyGit Fri 22-Dec-17 10:46:39

25, I've got Lego for Christmas (though I don't know which one). DDs dad is 31, he too has Lego for Christmas. Go for it! Good clean fun!

Catchedinthetefelone Fri 22-Dec-17 10:47:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 10:48:24

Meow that's a beauty! I can't believe i haven't seen that one before. (I'm getting a lego police station from my OH for christmas...he hid it under the bed but I found it when I was hoovering)

Emerencealwayshopeful Fri 22-Dec-17 10:48:36

Unexpected cash? I’d probably be boring and use 2/3 or so towards debts and then blow the rest on something fun, and if Lego is your thing I’d go for it.

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 10:49:01

Catch The detectives office is the one I am hovering over as we speak!

SugarPlumFerry Fri 22-Dec-17 10:49:21

That's for you to treat yourself, right? Treat yourself to lego!

amymel2016 Fri 22-Dec-17 10:50:35

Get it! Unless you've got loads of debt to pay off, splash out on yourself - it's Christmas!

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 10:50:42

Emerence I sort of wish instead of cash my Boss had just bought me a giant Lego...they could have saved money and I wouldn't feel like I was spending money that way. Maybe i'll submit a request for next year for bonus in bricks.

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 10:51:20

No debts...but we are about to buy a probably I should be buying paint and toilets or something grin

megletthesecond Fri 22-Dec-17 10:51:25

Spend £100 on Lego and save the rest.

I was talking to our entirely sensible HR manager the other day and we both want our own Lego sets. I had my eye on the LoTR Hobbit House a while ago.

UrgentScurryfunge Fri 22-Dec-17 10:51:50

If you can afford to spend it on that instead of something dull and worthy, go for it!

totorostoes Fri 22-Dec-17 10:52:55

I got the Lego Disney castle for my 30th birthday. I'm going to build it over Christmas I think! smile

Didiusfalco Fri 22-Dec-17 10:57:26

Link please smile

I think some kind of compromise between no Lego set and spending £350 on one is probably the way to go.

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 10:57:56

This was I haven't really earmarked it for anything particular...but now that I have it it will probably feel like I am wasting money...even though a detectives office looks cool!! Maybe I can save half and spend half :D

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 10:59:26 - fishing village - detectives office

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Fri 22-Dec-17 11:00:33

I'm getting the Disney castle for Christmas. I can't wait! My 5 yo DS thinks he's helping. fshockfgrin
I got the yellow submarine last year.

meowchi Fri 22-Dec-17 11:01:02

Smyths Toys or John Lewis have the fishing village for £119

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 11:01:05

totoro (love your name) is that the super big castle? I bet there is a lot of building in that sucker! ENJOY!!! That sounds like an awesome 30th present. I got books for my 30th....

SloanePeterson Fri 22-Dec-17 11:03:27

Do it. The lego creator ones are great, ds got assembly square for his birthday and it's brilliant. He also loved doing the big London bus one. We've had the 'elf' bring the Christmas toy shop and train set to give him something to do in the run up to Christmas (he has asd and it's an awful time of year for him) and those are lovely too.

OddestSock Fri 22-Dec-17 11:04:24

I’d get Lego. We have a Christmas markets set that we build every year in December - it’s one of our traditions to get it out & build it. I’d buy another to go with it.
Or the Disney castle.

RaspberryRuffless Fri 22-Dec-17 11:05:43

I'd do it! I love Lego, I hope I've got some Lego Architecture sets for Christmas!

Blonde0nBlonde Fri 22-Dec-17 11:05:48

Annoyed tell him Lego isn't for kids grin

Bubblysqueak Fri 22-Dec-17 11:06:42

You need the Taj Mahal! That set looks amazing!

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