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*lighthearted* To think my teenage son might be...

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ididntmeanitlikethat Wed 20-Dec-17 10:23:32

a vampire shock

DS is 14 and appears to be allergic to daylight. He'd happily spend his whole life in his bedroom, blinds closed, no light on...ever!

He speaks a weird language, that only his vampire teenage friends appear to understand.

There's this strange smell attached to him, which no amount of deodorant masks envy <not envy

I swear he actually hissed at me this morning when I turned his light on to wake him up for school!

Did I actually spawn a creature or is this usual?

arrrrghhwinehelpswithteens Sun 24-Dec-17 13:23:49

I have a female vampermaid. Basically vampiric with mermaid tendencies. Will only eat mugshots and pizza and dies if I dare open her bedroom curtains / window.

However, two nights a week she is perfect - ATC. It’s an amazing transformation. Bedroom goes from floordrobe pit to immaculate - especially if fellow cadets are staying. Although I have to say - 3 female vampermaids can beat the fug of lynx. 3 lots of different spray deodorants followed by hairspray and perfume. I can open every window in the house and still cut the fug with a knife to remove it.

Please tell me it passes soon

coldcanary Sun 24-Dec-17 13:34:41

Mine is 17 and is slowly coming out of it now. Still a vampire who feeds at 3am but now at least he tidies up after himself in the kitchen.
The change starts IME when they realise that people they find attractive (in his case the best friend of his mates girlfriend) are actually worth the hassle and they might want something a little more than looks or a good sense of humour. This lass has certainly made a difference -mwithout even knowing it - he doesn’t think he can just shed his skin to clean himself these days and he keeps his (pit) room much tidier. The conversation has moved on from grunts and ‘meh’ too. He even opened a window on Thursday!

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