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To just eat the chocolates myself.

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Eatalot Mon 18-Dec-17 13:45:50

Me and my dsis were discussing favourite chocolates and we both agreed we love Raffaello. So was out and about and bought her a box for Christmas. I'm not 100% but I am pretty sure they are not going to last the day. Wrap or eat people, they are calling to me?

So not to drip feed i'm 39 weeks pregnant. Coconut counts as my five a day right?

glitterbiscuits Mon 18-Dec-17 13:51:09

I have never tried them. So as a favour to me please could you describe exactly their taste and texture. You may need to cut one I half.....

Passthecake30 Mon 18-Dec-17 13:52:44

39 weeks... you go for it! Get your energy up and all that wink

Afreshturkeyplease Mon 18-Dec-17 13:55:40

Eat them!

Eatalot Mon 18-Dec-17 14:00:22

I ate the chocolates for the energy. They are lovely forerro roche but lighter and creamier with coconut coating.

If im honest I knew when I got them it was 50 50 for me.

Ginorchoc Mon 18-Dec-17 14:11:35

Always by 3 in these situations, one for you, one for gift and one for emergencies.

MikeUniformMike Mon 18-Dec-17 14:14:11

When buying chocolates for other people, I always buy ones I don't like. Otherwise it gets expensive.

Eatalot Mon 18-Dec-17 14:17:39

Theres a chance id eat all three. So far Nanas not getting her shortbread, dfil not getting his wine gums and dh not getting his skittles
This wasn't all today. Wrapping doesnt help its like a gift to myself. Not normally a sweet tooth so I can justify. grin

Trinity66 Mon 18-Dec-17 14:18:48


CakeAndChocolate Mon 18-Dec-17 14:22:18

I've already eaten a box of chocs I bought for someone else and I'm not pregnant blush

jimijack Mon 18-Dec-17 14:28:12

Ok people I raise you all eating chocolates for other people as presents and I give you this....I ate a child's selection box yesterday.

A tiny child's selection box.

The whole thing. Yes, twas wrapped and everything.

The devil is going to take me, this I know, but even a rugby tackle to the ground by the Rock Dwayne Johnston would not have kept me from those chocolates.

Ginorchoc Mon 18-Dec-17 14:35:54

grin you’ll be doing last minute Christmas Eve at your local spar shopping.

MikeUniformMike Mon 18-Dec-17 14:57:39

I used to have a boyfriend who would buy me chocolates pretty much every time we saw each other. Sometimes there might be one or two left. I'd let him eat those too.

DesignedForLife Mon 18-Dec-17 15:02:47

It's a good idea to buy chocolates you don't like. But being 39 weeks you should have just bought yourself a box to start with.

MikeUniformMike Mon 18-Dec-17 15:14:20

Hear hear Designed. I like your thinking. Not pregnant but thinking of nipping out for some last minute presents.

amusedbush Mon 18-Dec-17 15:19:37

A couple of years ago I ate FIL's walnut whips. Then I ate the replacements.

I ended up out on Christmas Eve to get another box and get them wrapped before I could scoff them grin

user1493413286 Mon 18-Dec-17 15:21:36

I’ve replaced some of DDs stocking chocolate twice as I couldn’t keep away from it.

jay55 Mon 18-Dec-17 15:53:14

My sister and her partner clearly don’t need a bag of liquorice torpedoes each.
Hope they were delicious

Blackteadrinker77 Mon 18-Dec-17 16:00:44

I opened a bottle of Ameretto


Hippadippadation Mon 18-Dec-17 16:19:46

I've eaten some chocolates that I bought for myself from the DDs, haha. I have replaced them as well and wrapped them. Pointless really!

Allthewaves Mon 18-Dec-17 17:02:31

Lol eat them and send dp to supermarket tom

Owlish Mon 18-Dec-17 17:45:15

This is why I leave edible presents till the very last minute, practically till I have to deliver them to the recipient. I admire your restraint in not eating them as soon as you got them home fgrin

CheshireChat Mon 18-Dec-17 18:05:40

I love Raffaellos and will have to get some. That and some Aldi coconut chocolate fsmile.

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