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Christmas with dp and 6mo ds. Ideas to make it special??

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Justkeepswimminglalala Sun 17-Dec-17 18:56:26

So, not really aibu but I posted elsewhere and had no reply. Cue sad face 😭.

This is ds first Christmas, pleeeease hit me with your Christmas traditions and ideas/tips to make this one special. It will only be the 3 of us this year, as other family are busy. I know he won't remember it but I would love to have some amazing memories to look back on.

We have a wee Christmas outfit for ds, and plan to take lots of photos, but any ideas welcome grin

Thymeout Sun 17-Dec-17 19:05:09

If it's just the 3 of you, I think what you most need is other people to admire your ds in his Christmas outfit. So I'd take him out for a walk, decorate his pram with sparkly stuff, and enjoy the attention he gets. Possibly stop off for a drink if there's a pub open near you?

Enjoy your day. smile

RadioGaGoo Sun 17-Dec-17 19:08:33

It's DS first Christmas at 8 months and TBH, I'm not planning much. We went to see a garden centre Santa (which made me glad that I had not spent a fortune on 'Santa Experience', as he was not bothered in the slightest). I have some Christmas PJ's for him and he has a bubble machine for Christmas from me and DH.

I massively go overboard at Xmas and am looking forward to doing all sorts when he is a bit older, but I can't help thinking he won't really appreciate anything to grandiose for the next few years. After that I'll hit him with it, with both barrels grin

Cocoloco75 Sun 17-Dec-17 19:58:34

When our first was born, she was only 5 weeks at Christmas which I know is much younger than your ds, but what we did was spent the day just the 3 of us, saw family just before Christmas. Oh made the Christmas dinner (first and only time, lol) and we took dd our for a lovely long walk while the turkey was cooking as it was a nice cold crisp Christmas Day. Made our calls to family then had our meal then opened all the gifts and settled down and watched tv by the fire for the rest of the evening. Not an action packed day, but it was just lovely to do things at our own pace with no visitors to contend with. We remember it well 11 years on.

goose1964 Sun 17-Dec-17 20:12:31

My eldest was 5 weeks old his first Christmas and we went to my in-laws.I was still recovering after a nasty post birth illness, anyway FiL offered to change DS nappy for the first time in his life (FiL changing his first nappy not first time baby had had his nappy changed) and DS peed Al over him. That made Christmas special😹. TBH your baby isn't going to remember it so you need to make it special for the adults, perhaps take him out to see the lights,dress him up as an elf or similar.

SaucyJack Sun 17-Dec-17 20:17:26

I think my top tip would to be for you and OH to do as much prep as possible the day before so that you can just relax and enjoy the day together.

Neither you or your baby will remember what the tree decorations looked like, but you will remember how happy (or not!!) the day was.

Go low-key on the dinner so noone's stuck in the kitchen all morning, and make sure you get plenty of sleep. That sort of thing.

itssunnybehindtheclouds Sun 17-Dec-17 20:20:56

Do your favourite things. If it's slouching around in pjs then get ready made food in. If it's cooking do that. If it's playing with all his new toys in your finest gear do that! It will be special because it's DS first Christmas. Just make the day as fun and easy for you and DP as possible. If you want a sentimental thing take his foot and hand prints on Christmas Day. Have a wonderful day!

DorisDangleberry Sun 17-Dec-17 20:21:33

If you want to make it a Christmas your DH talks about for years to come then I suggest drinking a bottle of Baileys before breakfast.

Talcott2007 Sun 17-Dec-17 20:31:58

If you are looking to start a tradition - What about an activity? Try getting some ink/paint and a big scrap book and take a hand/foot print from the 3 of you for Xmas 2017... relatively quick and although a bit messy it is fun then repeat and have a page for each year going forward as the little ones hand/foot gets bigger...the older they get they then start decorating it with pictures or stickers etc. Planning a theme for the next year etc. Great memento to look back on in years to come

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