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to correct the teacher.

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qazxc Sat 16-Dec-17 13:09:07

DD is three and in nursery.
Every month they learn about a different topic. This month it's "Antartica" .
I dropped off DD last week and the teacher was talking about how Antartica had : igloos and eskimos, polar bears, walruses, penguins, the north pole and santa.
As far as I know, antartica only has the penguins and is the continent where the South pole is? Should I say something (there are now pictures put up to depict the above, so I didn't misshear) or let it go (because DD is hardly likely to remember it / is more excited by christmas).

CheapSausagesAndSpam Sat 16-Dec-17 13:11:22

No. It's nursery. The children won't remember those facts.

scurryfunge Sat 16-Dec-17 13:14:31

If it was at GCSE level then yes but I'd probably let it go at 3.
Although I do remember my DS correcting my friend's parents. " they are not eskimos, they are innuits " when he was about 5.

qazxc Sat 16-Dec-17 13:21:30

You're right. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a nerdy pedant so it did make me grit my teeth smile.
I did think it was an odd choice of subject when it came up in the monthly newsletter. It's usually something broader like "Autumn" or practical like "Road Safety".

HuskyMcClusky Sat 16-Dec-17 13:23:34

I thought you were going to correct her spelling of Antarctica.

That might be a good idea. wink

insancerre Sat 16-Dec-17 13:23:35

And I say that as a nursery teacher
Eskimos is not generally used anymore and penguins in the North Pole?
Oh dear

CheapSausagesAndSpam Sat 16-Dec-17 13:24:46

Husky grin

OP...Husky just out-nerdy-pedanted you!

EduCated Sat 16-Dec-17 13:25:36

Are they using 'Antarctica' as shorthand for 'cold and wintery'? Still incorrect, but agree with others that it's probably one to let slide.

glitterbiscuits Sat 16-Dec-17 13:25:54

I’d have to say something
It’s a major mistake.

Emerald92 Sat 16-Dec-17 13:25:55

I think she means the arctic not Antarctica. You should correct her. It's easy enough to Google. It's a silly mistake.

welsh26 Sat 16-Dec-17 13:26:34

I'm afraid I'd have to say something blush and I'm a really slack parent who is not pedantic in the slightest.

To me though this would be like teaching the children that Austrians come from Australia. It's just too common knowledge that what she's teaching is wrong to let it go.

Reminds me of the joke about polar bears not eating penguins as they couldn't get the wrapper off and dc looking at me confused and saying is it not because they live on different sides of the planet hmm

fizzicles Sat 16-Dec-17 13:30:33

I would say something (and feel horribly awkward about it). My DD has just brought home a newsletter saying their next topic is the Artic. I’d put it down to a typo, but it’s in there twice. Really hope someone at school catches it!

qazxc Sat 16-Dec-17 13:41:28

I bow down to husky's superior nerdy-pedantry. smile
I'll probably say nothing and inwardly tut when I see the wall, because:
I am a wimp
There's less than a week to go until the Christmas break.
I doubt any of the kids will be taking in any of that info in long term given the general excitement over the end of year show and Christmas.

I am glad to see that I'm not the only one that thought about saying something though.

torthecatlady Sat 16-Dec-17 13:43:21

I felt the same when dss brought his (year 1) homework home. The sort where there are a few sentences at the top and then the child is asked to draw / write something about the topic.

The problem was that the question at the top didn't actually make sense and there was a spelling mistake.

Kicking myself that I can't remember what it was to give you the example.

It took all my willpower not to get a red pen out grin (I wouldn't dream of actually doing that by the way, I know teachers have stressful jobs!)

MrsHathaway Sat 16-Dec-17 13:45:19

Reminds me of the joke about polar bears not eating penguins as they couldn't get the wrapper off and dc looking at me confused and saying is it not because they live on different sides of the planet

That's the joke. See also:

Why can't you hear pterodactyls going to the toilet?
Because the P is silent.

scurryfunge Sat 16-Dec-17 13:46:03

Fizzicles, maybe the topic is about lorries. smile

Evelynismyspyname Sat 16-Dec-17 13:50:58

If she's 3 and at nursery (assuming it's not a school nursery) is her teacher actually a teacher? It does sound as though the topic is "snowy stuff which we can make a nice winter wall display with" not Antarctica. Changing the topic title might be the way forward grin

Seryph Sat 16-Dec-17 13:58:36

I was a primary teacher, this would drive me mad and I'd have to say something.
I'd also hope some kind person would point out if I made such a glaring error!

PrincessoftheSea Sat 16-Dec-17 13:58:46

No don't correct. Nursery teachers are not proper teachers. Who cares at that age as long as the children are well looked after and happy.

fizzicles Sat 16-Dec-17 14:21:19

Errr…lots of nursery teachers are proper teachers. And it’s important that we teach kids the right stuff right from the beginning. I hate this idea that it doesn’t matter what they learn because they’re only young. It really does matter.

SipTheCocaCola Sat 16-Dec-17 14:27:08

@PrincessoftheSea As an Early Years practitioner the fact you've just said nursery teachers aren't real teachers is massively offensive.

insancerre Sat 16-Dec-17 14:28:09

Not proper teachers?
How rude!
I suppose as long as we keep telling ourselves that then we won't have to recognise the important work that these ' not proper teachers' actually co
Because if we did recognise it, then we would have to start paying them a teacher's wage

CrunchieFeeling Sat 16-Dec-17 14:31:19

Polar regions... much better title.

I totally would be saying something - my 3 year old knows North and South poles and polar bears at one and penguins at the other. And yes. I might mention the term Eskimos too.

sagamartha Sat 16-Dec-17 14:34:02

Eskimos is not generally used anymore and penguins in the North Pole

I see no one is bringing up Santa.......

PrincessoftheSea Sat 16-Dec-17 14:34:18

Your skills are in early years and cildhood development. Your skills and what I would expect are different from a primary school teacher. The mostly young girls who looked after my children in nursery were great with young children, but I wouldn't go in and point it out if they got penguins and polar bears muddled up no.

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